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Securing your Future with Major Illness Plans | 22-11-2016

Planning for a secured future is one of the priorities in life. A critical illness can disrupt your carefully la... Read More

4 changes you can make at home to prevent serious illnesses | 22-11-2016

Water, hygiene, and sanitation have an important impact on both health and disease. 80% of critical illnesses ar... Read More

Why saving for Cancer is a healthy move | 11-11-2016

Most of us are keen on investing in vacations or buying a fancy new car in the near future. But we tend to overl... Read More

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy | 11-11-2016

A long life is something that most people wish for. To live longer with friends, family and loved ones. But mere... Read More

Why You Need a Critical Illness Insurance | 02-11-2016

Most people imagine that a serious illness only happens to other people. It’s very understandable that we wouldn... Read More

Protect Yourself From Health And Financial Risks With Health Insurance | 29-09-2016

Health is a primary concern for all of us. Unfortunately, along with other things, nowadays healthcare is also b... Read More

Win the Battle Against Critical Illness With Critical Illness Rider | 29-09-2016

Critical Illness Rider provide benefits in different ways. Explore the advantages here! Read More

How to tackle expensive medical emergencies? | 15-09-2016

One way to provide for medical emergencies is by taking a medical insurance plan from an insurance company. Read More

How is a health insurance plan different from a mediclaim policy? | 12-09-2016

Do you know that mediclaim differs from health insurance in many aspects? Get to know the key difference between... Read More

Health Insurance against unexpected medical expenses | 12-09-2016

We know that having a perfect health insurance plan is good but what exactly it covers find through this article. Read More

You Are What You Eat – Can a Better Diet Lower the Risk of Disease | 16-08-2016

There are plenty of occasions to compromise on healthy food, especially when the stress levels are high. However... Read More

The Metamorphosis of Insurance to suit evolving needs | 16-08-2016

Today the products offered by insurance companies are so diversified that you can have your insurance tailor-mad... Read More

Can Innovations Lead to a Longer Life? | 12-08-2016

The past few years have seen wristbands record heart rates, sleep cycles, health routines as well as store biorh... Read More

How to Quit Smoking for Good | 20-05-2016

Trying to quit smoking is a health goal that many aim to achieve, but only a few actually manage. How does one a... Read More

Beat Back Pain at Work: 5 Exercises for Your Desk | 20-05-2016

Long hours and a bad posture at your desk can easily cause long-term problems. Find out how to fight off back pa... Read More

Health Tips for Your 20s and 30s | 19-05-2016

Although you might feel strong and invincible when you are young, you still need to take care of your body. Thes... Read More

Excuses for not exercising: How many are you guilty of? | 04-03-2016

It’s that time, yet again, the beginning of a year where you make resolutions... Read More

Why a health plan is essential for you and your family | 04-03-2016

Read on to know more about the single most important step you can take to see your family... Read More

Myth Buster - Should we brisk walk before or after a meal | 26-02-2016

While growing up, we all once in our life have become victims of commonly followed myths... Read More

How to get rid of dark circles through home remedies | 26-02-2016

The current generation mainly has people who are either workaholics, stressed or insomniacs... Read More

How to walk away from stress, literally? | 17-02-2016

Walking as we all know is one of those activities that pampers... Read More

How to control the urge to binge after workout | 17-02-2016

Have you ever felt mortified because you ended up overeating just after working out... Read More

Debunking common myths surrounding diabetes | 17-02-2016

Diabetes is a disorder that has been threatening mankind across the globe for years... Read More

Why you need to let go of that sugary drink right now | 17-02-2016

Sugar drinks to the world is what Disneyland is for small kids... Read More

How to overcome barriers surrounding healthy lifestyle | 16-02-2016

We all know the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, but somehow most of us find it really difficult... Read More

A NEAT method to live a longer and healthy life | 16-02-2016

I think out of all New Year Resolutions, exercising regularly is the resolution... Read More

5 manageable health tips to reach your goals | 11-02-2016

Obesity and low fitness levels are some common conditions that today’s urbanites face... Read More

Stairs - Take a step today and experience a better tomorrow | 11-02-2016

Have you ever wondered why many of us can run a quarter-mile without losing breath... Read More

What is a benefit-based health plan and is it right for you? | 18-09-2015

Health insurance, often referred to as mediclaim in India, covers expenses related to hospitalisation... Read More

All You Need to Know about Critical Illness Policy | 18-09-2015

While planning our future, we often think of buying a house, saving for our children’s education and perhaps an ... Read More

12 reasons that will make you quit soda drinks | 09-07-2015

Be it a party, movie, gathering, enjoying your “me time” or just quenching thirst on a hot sultry day, a chill, ... Read More

Dejunk the junk - Ideas to make junk food healthy! | 09-07-2015

Before we think of modifying junk, let's define it. Food low in nutrients and high in fat, sugar, salt (i.e. cal... Read More

Fitness is the key to a long and happy life | 09-07-2015

Modern lifestyles are cruel on our bodies and minds. Make fitness an integral part of your life to stay happy an... Read More