Anti Fraud Policy - PNB MetLife Insurance

Anti Fraud Policy

PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (“PNB MetLife”) is committed to providing the highest quality products and services through the integrity and ethical practices of its employees and business partners. Thus, PNB MetLife has implemented a comprehensive ant-fraud policy to prevent, detect and investigate fraud. This policy is designed to ensure that all incidents of suspected or verified fraud are addressed consistently and in compliance with applicable law or regulation. PNB MetLife defines fraud to encompass not only fraudulent claims and false statements, whether oral or written, but also to include any theft or misappropriation of corporate or customer assets and information. PNB MetLife is committed to a “Zero Tolerance” approach to any fraudulent act committed against PNB MetLife or its customers or associates or shareholders. PNB MetLife takes all fraudulent acts very seriously, and will take action to the extent the law provides to protect those victimized.