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    PNB MetLife Calculator Page

    Child Dream Calculator

    Among the several roles and responsibilities, as a parent, your primary concern is to provide them with quality education. The kind of life your child will lead in the future depends a lot on the quality of education they receive over the years. Thus, having a sizable corpus is essential for their promising future. Check out PNB MetLife’s Child Education Solutions. These plans will enable you to materialise your child’s dreams without worrying about finances.

    But how do you know how much to save and how much corpus to accumulate to achieve this pivotal goal? Explore our range of calculators: Plan your child's future, estimate income tax, plan for retirement, and check your BMI with our varity of calculator on PNB MetLife

    This tool helps you, as a parent, to understand the approximate corpus you need to build to fulfil your child's life goals.

    Retirement Calculator

    Retirement planning is necessary if you dream of living a quality retired life. With our everyday busy schedules and various responsibilities, many of us may not give retirement planning the required importance. With a prudent retirement plan, you can ward off uncertainties, beat inflation and stay secure even after you retire.

    PNB MetLife offers four unique plans under Retirement Solutions. You can choose a plan according to your needs and lead your retirement life peacefully. But, before you take the plunge, we suggest using our Retirement Planning Calculator to estimate how much funds you will require in your post-working years.

    Income Tax Calculator

    Paying your taxes is a fundamental duty which every citizen who is eligible to pay taxes must oblige. With digitalisation, the process of calculating and paying taxes in India has changed tremendously. Gone are the days when one depended on manual income calculation to determine tax liability.

    With our Income Tax Calculator, you can understand your tax obligation and determine the income you are liable to pay. Tax planning and related terminologies can be challenging for many; you can learn more about taxation through our Taxation Knowledge Centre.

    BMI Calculator

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is sometimes called an obesity indicator. It is a measure of your general health based on your height and weight. BMI determines if you are underweight, overweight, or obese. Many medical experts believe if a person's BMI increases, their exposure to various diseases also increases.

    PNB MetLife offers a BMI calculator, an online and offline tool to compute your body mass efficiently. The tool correlates your weight with your height to determine whether you are in the correct stature. By knowing your BMI, you can take charge of your health and take desired measures to keep yourself healthy. Learn how health insurance plans can give you financial protection during unforeseen events.

    Benefits of Insurance Calculators

    Life is full of surprises, and staying adequately insured is one of the most thoughtful decisions you may make for yourself and your loved ones. But what would be an adequate sum assured?

    An easy way to determine the sum assured is by using insurance calculators.

    Insurance calculators are online tools that help insurance buyers compare, evaluate, and decide on a particular plan. These calculators help you determine the premium, understand the coverage needed and the corpus required to achieve a specific financial goal and then zero down a policy that is the most lucrative one as per your requirement.

    Here are some of the benefits of using a life insurance calculator:

    • It Saves time

      Insurance calculators are straightforward to use. In just a few clicks, you know how much premium you need to pay, thus saving a lot of your time and effort.
    • It is Free and accessible

      These calculators can be used online, are free of cost and are easily accessible. For example, while undertaking your income tax planning, you can use PNB MetLife's Income Tax Calculator to compute your taxable income.
    • Helps in easy comparison of different plans

      Apart from the coverage, features and services, the premium is essential for comparison. Online insurance premium calculator aids in comparison between different plans to make a more informed decision.
    • Makes budgeting easier

      Once you know the premiums you must pay using a calculator, you can plan your monthly financial budget more efficiently.
    • Gives better coverage idea

      These calculators help with the monthly premium amount and show how much coverage or corpus you require. For example, if you are planning for your child's education, using our Child Dream Calculator, you realise how much corpus your child would need for your child's chosen field after specific years.

    How to Use Life Insurance Premium Calculator

    PNB MetLife Insurance offers many different online life insurance calculators and tools. Using these calculators is extremely easy and hassle-free.

    Let us see how to use a term plan calculator for calculating your term insurance premium.

    • Step 1: Visit PNB MetLife's official website
    • Step 2: Go to the Tools and Calculators option under the Buy Insurance tab.
    • Step 3: Select Term Plan Calculator (you can select a calculator from the list as per your need)
    • Step 4: Enter your details, such as your name, email ID, mobile number, and date of birth. You will share an OTP on your registered number; enter the OTP and click "Get Quote".
    • Step 5: On the next page, you must provide additional information, including your lifestyle habits, annual income, educational qualifications, occupation etc.
    • Step 6: Your premium shall be displayed on the screen based on the information provided.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Which factors are considered while calculating life insurance premiums?

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    Life insurance premiums are calculated based on age, gender, lifestyle habits, occupation, medical condition, and history.

    How to calculate term insurance premium cost?

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    The easiest way to calculate your life insurance premium cost is by using a life insurance calculator. Enter personal information like your age, smoking habits, annual income, and source of income, and the calculator will show you how much money you need and the tenure for your term insurance. Depending on the results, the calculator will show you the premium amount.

    How many types of calculators does PNB MetLife have?

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    We have 8 unique calculators to serve different purposes:

    • Term Plan Calculator
    • Online Quote Calculator
    • Child Dream Calculator
    • Retirement Calculator
    • Retirement Income Planner
    • Income Tax Calculator
    • BMI Calculator
    • Protection Calculator

    How can I benefit from the Child Dream Calculator?

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    A Child Dream Calculator provides you with an estimation of the required corpus for fulfilling your child's future goals. It shows how much (more) investment is needed to achieve the desired goal.

    What details are required for the Child Dream Calculator?

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    You must enter your (parent's) name and date of birth, your child's current age and the age when the funds will be needed, your child's dream profession, the current estimated cost of college and money already saved for this goal. Also, you must give an estimated ROI and inflation rate to get the results.

    What is a Retirement Calculator?

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    Retirement Calculator is a tool that helps you estimate how much funds you will need to sustain the same standard of living post-working years.

    How much money do I need to retire?

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    There are many financial calculations that can give an idea about the retirement corpus. Many financial experts believe in the 30x rule. In simple terms, having a corpus (savings + investment) that is 30 times your annual expense should be ideally enough for retirement, taking into account the inflation rate of 7% - 8%. But using a retirement calculator can churn more accurate information after processing user-specific inputs.

    Which details are required to use the BMI calculator?

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    The BMI calculator does not require much information; enter your date of birth, height, and weight, whether male or female. The calculator will display if you are underweight, normal, overweight, obese, or extremely obese.

    What is a healthy BMI for an adult?

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    The ideal BMI for an adult should be in the range of 18.5 to 24.9. The range becomes 2 to 18 for young people and children. A BMI above 30 is interpreted as obesity.

    Does PNB MetLife Income Tax Calculator show my income liability as per the new or old regime?

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    Our Income Tax Calculator shows your income liability for both new and old regimes for a particular financial year.

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