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Medical Network

Getting a medical test done is a tedious process. Depending upon the requirements some insurance policies the level of examination may vary. Off course, it also differs with your age and insurance amount. In tune with our philosophy of providing our customers with the best, these tests are conducted by highly qualified, licensed, and experienced health professionals. 

What kinds of tests will be included?

  • A basic physical exam
  • Urine specimen
  • Blood work
  • ECG
  • X-ray

For high amounts of life insurance, Treadmill ECGs and Mammogram are usually required as well. 

How it works?

The medical questions on the life insurance application are usually completed by your financial advisor. MER is the medical form used by the empanelled doctor who performs the exam.
Your financial advisor will call one of the diagnostic services that specialize in the required exams. In a basic exam, the doctor will take your medical history, physical measurements, and diagnostic specimens.
In case your policy requires you to take a medical exam, you must undergo the exam to help us process your application. Declining to take a test isn't an option. The medical examination is paid for directly by the company and is completely free for you. In case of voluntary refund the amount is deducted.

On what criteria have the Medical Providers been chosen?

This network has been selected for the following reasons:

  • Ability to provide a wide range of services
  • Geographical location
  • Efficient administrative processes
  • Reputation for provision of high quality care

Where do I go to get my test done?

For your convenience, our Medical Provider Network facility includes a network of preferred diagnostic centers, general practitioners, consultants, and hospitals across India. They are subjected to periodic reviews for efficiency, effectiveness, and standard of service provided. Based on these reviews, we update our medical provider and enroll new medical providers as needed.