6 Preventive Measures Against Diabetes for Women - PNB MetLife

6 Preventive Measures Against Diabetes for Women - PNB MetLife

PNB MetLife 10-11-2018 11:14:58 AM
6 Preventive Measures Against Diabetes for Women - PNB MetLife

Here Are Six Preventive Measures Against Diabetes for Women and To-Be Moms

Diabetes is a condition caused by an imbalance in the insulin. This can happen either because of malfunctioning pancreas or your body’s inability to use insulin. While diabetes is one of the biggest health concern for both men and women, women have some different reasons that expose them to diabetes risk. According to International Diabetics Federation (IDF), diabetes is the 9th leading cause of death among women globally. Findings by IDF also suggest that 2 out of 5 women get diabetes at a young age.

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There are various factors that lead to diabetes such as obesity or rapid weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, PCOD, high blood pressure condition, etc. It’s not anymore a disease that you expect only when you cross a certain age as the risk of getting diabetes can start at a very young age as well because of the abovementioned factors. 

We bring here a few health tips for women and new mothers. 

  1. Achieve your ideal weight before planning a baby
    If you are planning on having a baby then try to lose some pounds and achieve your ideal weight. It’s not just about losing your weight, you must also keep your sugar levels and blood pressure in check. To lower the risk of diabetes during pregnancy, try to be in your best health conditions.

  2. Have a balanced diet
    This is important for both to-be moms and for other women of any age. Try to adapt to a healthy diet plan. Also, stick to a diet routine to have your food on time. Skipping meals may lead to unnecessary binging and disrupt your blood sugar levels. Even if you want to snack, indulge in healthier options such as baked foods or nuts.

  3. Visit doctor regularly
    You must get checked regularly to assess your risk of diabetes if you are pregnant. Even if you are not pregnant, get checked if you have other health conditions such as PCOD or blood pressure. 

  4. Limit alcohol and smoking
    Most alcoholic drinks have a high amount of concentrated sugar which might put you to risk of diabetes. Smoking makes your chances of developing  any sort of health conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes much higher compared to non-smokers.

  5. Meditate and exercise
    Exercising is incredibly important for your body. Exercise keeps your metabolism in check and also keeps you away from cravings balancing your sugar levels. The regular exercise routine will also benefit you if you are suffering from PCOD or blood pressure. Inculcate some exercise routine if you are at risk or suffering from hypertension meditate to lower the risks.

  6. Limit processed foods in your diet
    Processed foods are high on sugar and carbs, which increases the risk of developing insulin imbalance. So, keep away from those processed foods and include more veggies and fruits in your diet.