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5 Easy Tax Savings Option for Freshers in India 2020 | PNB MetLife | 28-07-2020

Tax Savings Options for Freshers - Find out 5 easy tax savings options for fresher here on this article. Visit P... Read More

Tax Savings and planning tips for this New Year 2020 | PNB MetLife | 28-07-2020

Preparing for 2020 involves thoroughly preparing for the best way to save taxes and generate the highest returns... Read More

Steps to get Tax Refunded, if you paid excess tax | PNB MetLife | 25-02-2020

If you have paid income tax in excess of what is due in a year, you can claim a refund on the same. All you need... Read More

All you need to know about changes in Form 16 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Form 16 has recently seen some significant changes, which makes it more elaborate and does away with its ambigui... Read More

5 reasons why you must-have a Term Insurance | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Insurance is now proving to be an essential part of people's everyday lives. Learn more about term insurance, ho... Read More

Tax Planning and Tax implications of your equity investments | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Equity investments need to be well planned to avail the highest tax benefits while also earning guaranteed retur... Read More

Best term insurance plans for doctors and physicians | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

No one understands medical risks and the importance of insurance better than doctors. But what constitutes the b... Read More

Tax benefits of using Pension Schemes to reduce tax liability | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

The money invested in pension schemes is partially exempt from taxation according to the Income Tax Act. Read mo... Read More

Tax Query and Tax benefits for interest paid on loans under the Income Tax Act, 1961 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

A host of tax benefits are available for interest paid on loans under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Read More

Financial decisions you should not delay while getting Life Insurance | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Financial decisions like getting life insurance or paying off loans through EMIs are should be made early. Read ... Read More

Investment options that help you save tax | 04-01-2020

Investments are not just means to grow your wealth. With the right investment options, you can save a fortune on... Read More

Tips to deal with a lapsed insurance policy| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Skipping an insurance premium can quickly become a costly affair as it can lead to an insurance policy lapse. He... Read More

Guide to start your tax planning in 2020|PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Earning your first salary is a major milestone. It’s also the right time to focus on financial planning in gener... Read More

How do you set financial goals for this New Year 2020|PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

A new year is approaching, and now is the ideal time to revisit your goals and set new ambitions for yourself. H... Read More

ITR returns filing: what documents do you need? | 04-01-2020

Confused by the number of documents required to properly file your income tax returns? Worry no more, as this he... Read More

Five Good Financial Goals for this New Year 2020 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

New Year’s resolutions never grow old. This year, take these 5 financial resolutions and stick by them to have a... Read More

Personal Income Tax Planning Guide for 2020 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Tax planning should be an important aspect of your New Year’s plans. While you make your financial plan, don’t f... Read More

Problems That You Might Face while Tax Planning in 2020 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Tax planning can be a difficult task, especially since there is so much to process in a financial year. But with... Read More

Financial Planning Guide by PNB MetLife for 2020 | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

With the new year inching closer, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some tips to kick start your personal ... Read More

Find out Tax benefits of Single Premium Life Insurance | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

A single premium life insurance policy has many tax benefits. It also offers you the advantage of a protective f... Read More

Useful guide for year-end tax planning and tax Savings| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

As this financial year comes to a close, it’s time to revisit your income levels and assess the amount of tax yo... Read More

Basic investment advice for beginners| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

If you’re only just beginning to consider investing some of your savings, you might find it tough to navigate th... Read More

The top tax saving instruments under sections 80C and 80CCD | 04-01-2020

Sections 80C and 80CCD of the Income Tax Act offer multiple investment options that act as tax-saving instrument... Read More

Everything you need to know about India’s Income Tax structure | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

India’s income tax structure has multiple tax slabs, which differ for people earning different amounts of income. Read More

In-depth study of interests imposed under section 234A, 234B and 234C| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Delays in discharging your duties under the Income Tax Act can result in penalties or interest charged to your n... Read More

Guide and benefits of Family Tax Planning for married couples| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

As a married couple, why not take tax benefits for one and multiply it by two? Here are all the ways you can do ... Read More

Simple steps to calculate Tax on your Salary| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Calculating tax payable on salary involves calculating the gross income generated from different sources and the... Read More

Reasons why term plans are the best option for single financial providers| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

If you are the sole financial support for your family, you must also consider ways to safeguard their future. He... Read More

Tax benefits of Term Insurance plans| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

While the benefits of term insurance extend to the nominees of policyholders, its tax benefits are enormous and ... Read More

Simple step by step guide for ITR filing| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

ITR filing can sound like a very intimidating process, but if done step-by-step and with proper documentary supp... Read More

Can I pay zero tax at an income level of Rs 9.5 lacs? | 04-01-2020

By making use of select provisions under the Income Tax Act, it’s possible to pay zero taxes even with an income... Read More

Tax Planning and Tax benefits for senior citizens and Super senior citizens| PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Tax planning for senior citizens gets easier if you’re aware of the many specific tax benefits for senior citize... Read More

Tips to avoid paying high income taxes in 2020 | 04-01-2020

To avoid paying high income taxes, it is important to begin planning your investments in advance and generate th... Read More

Keep these things in mind to avoid mistakes while filing ITR this year | 04-01-2020

The smallest mistake in your income tax return filing can lead to serious consequences. Make sure to keep these ... Read More

Tax planning for your business? Some year end things to keep in mind | 04-01-2020

Tax planning for your business can be productive, but can also be somewhat challenging for a business owner. So,... Read More

Direct Tax and Indirect Tax: Key Differences | 04-01-2020

India’s taxation structure is split into direct and indirect tax, which not only have different implications for... Read More