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At various stages in life, you can have various ambitions, dreams and aspirations for yourself and your family. Read More

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Life is unpredictable. Unexpected expenses can sometimes knock on your door, and at other times, they might knoc... Read More

Invest in Whole Life Term Insurance for Better Tomorrow - PNB MetLife | 02-08-2019

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With Long Term Financial Investment Easily Secure the Future Uncertainty - PNB MetLife | 01-08-2019

One of the fundamental financial principles we are taught early on in life is that we should save for the future... Read More

Why you need a contingency fund and what is the best way to save for it | 17-06-2019

Anish had everything going well in his life. He had a good job, a home and he invested regularly. But one day, h... Read More

Plan Yearly Budget For 2019: Manage your Money Better - PNB MetLife | 27-05-2019

Being able to make an effective budget is one of the most important steps to achieving any short or long term fi... Read More

Need of Life Insurance Policy at Every Income Level - PNB MetLife | 27-05-2019

Generally our families and loved ones depend on our income to fulfil their dreams and for better financial futur... Read More

5 important things to know before you take a loan out against your life insurance policy | 25-12-2018

What would you do when you are urgently in need of funds? Most people hesitate from taking out a personal loan b... Read More

In this digital era, here’s why you should go for online term insurance plans | 21-12-2018

From shopping to food to buying insurance, people have switched to the internet. Going online has remarkable benefits. Read More

Now Easily Claim Insurance Online with Internet of Things - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Claiming insurance was a difficult process then but after internet of things it has become a lot simpler. Read t... Read More

How can a Chat Bot Easily Solve your Insurance Issue? - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Virtual assistance/Chatbots are a great optional means of communication in the insurance industry as it is avail... Read More

Life Insurance Tax Benefit: What are Tax Saving Investments? - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Life insurance can be useful tax planning tools, because the policy holder is eligible for tax benefits under th... Read More

Smoking VS Life Insurance - How it can Impact your Insurance Premium? - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Smoking is such a toxic habit. And not just for the smoker or the people around, it can be toxic for your life i... Read More

Life Insurance for Singles - Here’s Why Insurance is Important! - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Living the single life? Here’s why insurance is important! Read More

7 Tips on Financial Planning for Newly Weds in 2019 - PNB MetLife | 11-10-2018

If you have just got married, you know you will not only be sharing space but also your expenses. This means, yo... Read More

Life Insurance Claim Rejected? Here’s what you should do | 14-08-2018

Your decision to purchase a life insurance plan stems from the desire to facilitate necessary  financial support... Read More

Life insurance is the gateway to financial freedom | 14-08-2018

Financial planning is not only about growing wealth but also managing risks effectively. There are multiple inst... Read More

A common man's guide to the basics of life insurance | 10-08-2018

Life insurance is a tool to protect your family from financial concerns such as funds for your child’s education... Read More

3 reasons why life insurance is the best investment option | 08-08-2018

Being uninsured jeopardises your family’s financial future. So, why is having a life insurance so crucial? Read More

5 Lesser Known Facts about a Public Provident Fund | 30-07-2018

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a long-term savings plan which is backed by the Government of India. A PPF accoun... Read More

How efficient fuel usage can power your savings? | 05-07-2018

Managing your personal finance can sometimes feel like you’re living on the edge. Even if you do manage to cut d... Read More

Life Insurance Calculators - To Make the Most Out of Your Insurance | 03-12-2017

Life Insurance is always taken as a last resort, as a ‘when-all-else-fails’ deal. Seeing as how you won’t be aro... Read More

Tax Breaks expected from Budget 2017 | 31-01-2017

There’s a reason why EVERY single adult looks at the Union Budget with great interest—it impacts them on a very ... Read More

Choosing Tax Free Income and Investment Options | 30-01-2017

Nowadays, life insurance has become the most important tax saving investment, playing an important role in an in... Read More

Make your money work for you - Save on Tax invest now | 21-01-2017

Mr. Shreyas is a young professional, a software developer who earns about Rs.80,000 per month. He wants a plan t... Read More

How Early Life Insurance Helps To Secure Your Financial Future | 15-01-2017

Ever since the government has allowed privatization in the field, life insurance is a rapidly growing sector. Ti... Read More

Tax Planning Tips for Salaried Employees | 03-01-2017

No one wants to hand over money that they’ve earned over to anyone else. You deserve what you’ve worked for. Her... Read More

A young man’s journey to becoming financially wise | 03-01-2017

Driving into his upmarket Bangalore apartment in a posh four wheeler, Mr. Harshil Shah looks like a man settled ... Read More

What are the benefits of whole life insurance cover? | 24-11-2016

Unlike a term life insurance, a whole life cover promises to cover you for the rest of your life, based on the p... Read More

Getting the right life insurance quote | 21-11-2016

You can’t put a price tag on life. But logic would dictate that approximating the amount of financial contributi... Read More

The Various Types Of Life Insurance | 18-11-2016

Life insurance policies are an added security to you and your family in the later years. Given the uncertain tim... Read More

Things you didn't know about life insurance | 03-11-2016

Looking for quality life insurance? PNB MetLife Insurance has plan that guarantees lifetime income for your reti... Read More

How Much Life Insurance Coverage One Should Have? | 02-11-2016

A life insurance policy is a contract of an individual with an insurance company to safeguard his life. In excha... Read More

Benefits of Life Insurance for Single People | 02-11-2016

Benefits of Life Insurance for Single People... Read More

Why you need life Insurance | 01-11-2016

Life insurance serves a lot of purposes. Right from protecting your wealth for when you are no longer around or ... Read More

Why have a second life insurance policy? | 29-09-2016

Know more about getting a second life insurance policy to increase savings, coverage and tax benefits. Read More

Smart tips to save money | 29-09-2016

Follow the smart tips which will help you develop a realistic savings plan. Watch your savings grow! Read More

How does Life insurance save tax and money? | 01-08-2016

PNB MetLife guides you on how you can save your tax and money with Life Insurance. Learn how to invest in retire... Read More

Tax saving investments can help achieve goals | 20-07-2016

Life insurance is a key tax saving option. Learn how tax saving investments can help you achieve your financial ... Read More

Investment Planning for FY 2016-17 | 20-07-2016

A simple 5 step guide to plan your tax savings investments. Start early, choose the right investments, diversify... Read More

How freelancers can save tax | 20-07-2016

Simple tips on how freelancers can save taxes and invest wisely. Learn how to invest in insurance plans and othe... Read More

Buying a new home? You should consider a term plan! | 22-07-2015

A term plan is an affordable insurance product that provides excellent protection. If you’re buying a new home, ... Read More

Life Insurance Investment - A Different View | 09-07-2015

Life insurance is perceived more as a way to get tax benefits than a necessary component of one’s life. This is ... Read More