Smoking VS Life Insurance - How it can Impact your Insurance Premium? - PNB MetLife

Smoking VS Life Insurance - How it can Impact your Insurance Premium? - PNB MetLife

PNB MetLife 23-10-2018 09:30:38 AM
Smoking VS Life Insurance - How it can Impact your Insurance Premium? - PNB MetLife

How smoking affects life insurance premium

Smoking is such a toxic habit. And not just for the smoker or the people around, it can be toxic for your life insurance premium too. “How?” you ask?

Most insurance companies charge higher premiums to smokers as compared to non-smokers for the same maturity amount. The fluctuations in your insurance premiums will depend on your smoking habits and how much of an impact it has had on your health. Read More

If you’re a smoker, here are a few things you must know about insurance and insurance premiums.

You Pay Higher Premiums

Smoking posses certain health risks. As an active smoker, you are more vulnerable to health problems early on in life than non-smokers. So, to compensate for the higher risks to your health, insurance companies charge higher premiums to people who smoke. Also, people who don’t intend to, or are not able to, quit smoking, face increasing health issues with every passing day. Hence, if you’re a smoker, be prepared to pay higher premiums on your insurance policy.

Do Not Avoid Insurance

If your alternative to paying higher premiums is to completely skip insurance, it’s the wrong decision. Avoiding insurance could leave a gaping hole in your financial planning. Smoker or not, you must get a medical insurance and a life insurance. The costs of treatment and medicines are rising with every passing year. Even a minor health check-up takes away a considerable chunk away from your pockets. So, avoid draining your bank balance and other savings in times of unforeseen health issues. Get medical insurance and life insurance plan for a secure financial future for yourself and your family.

Don’t Lie About Your Smoking Habits

This is a simple point to remember. You should not lie on any of your official documents, least of all your insurance documents. The medical reports will disclose everything sooner or later. Your lies may jeopardize your claim. Be honest about your smoking habits and mention all the health issues you are facing or have faced in the past. This will help the insurance agents to calibrate your health risks and offer a plan that will best suit your needs and give you a decent cover. The slightest discrepancy in the information you provide may invite unwanted claim settlement delays for you.

Insurance Companies Won’t Reject Your Application

This is a common myth that insurance companies trash the applications of smokers. Your health will be assessed completely before you can get your insurance policy. However, the likelihood of your insurance getting rejected, just because you are a smoker, is almost zero. You may have to pay slightly higher premiums after thorough assessment, but getting a  life insurance for a smoker is not impossible.