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Things you didn't know about life insurance

Things You Didnt Know About Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Life insurance plans are essential as they compensate your dependents or the policy beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of the policy holder’s death, provided he has been duly paying his premiums. Besides being a straightforward policy, a life insurance policy can also be as an advanced, sophisticated financial planning tool. Here are some ways how; Read More

  1. Loans against insurance:
    There are times when one may be in need of a  corpus to  supplement retirement, or medical treatment. In such a case one can consider taking against insurance.  (This is not description for loans against insurance)
  2. Terminal illness benefits:
    There is a possibility of accessing some part of the death benefits before you die in case of a terminal illness. This money can be used to defray some medical costs you have incurred.
  3. Offers accidental death coverage:
    Your life insurance products may have a rider known as a Accidental Death benefit rider, according to which in the unfortunate event of death in case of an accident the beneficiaries could be paid double or triple the amount of the policy depending on the terms & conditions of the policy.
  4. Avail an additional rider
    It is better to mention riders available with us like Serious illness Benefit, Accidental disability rider, waiver of premium rider etc. 
A life insurance is an absolute must have to take care of the uncertainty that looms around life and your loved ones, but beyond that it also has other related benefits that make life simpler while you’re alive.