Life Insurance Calculator - How to make the most of it

Life Insurance Calculators - To Make the Most Out of Your Insurance

PNB MetLife India 03-12-2017 12:53:57 PM
Life Insurance Calculator

Life Insurance is always taken as a last resort, as a ‘when-all-else-fails’ deal. Seeing as how you won’t be around to lend your family a hand when this piggy bank is broken, you have to be absolutely certain as to the amount to which you have to be insured for the policy to be of maximum effectiveness. Life Insurance Calculators can be of benefit here.

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Life Insurance Calculators help zero in on the most viable insurance policy, depending on how accurate your predictions of the future needs of your family are. By taking expert advice and economic variables into account, this tool could effectively tell you how much your Life Insurance Cover should be.

Different Life Insurance Companies in India offer their own calculators that are individually calibrated to the specifics of the policies that they have on offer. Most of them also come with Life Insurance Premium Calculators, that tell you the amount of premium to be paid as well. This grants you access to a lot of variables that you can compare to tell you which policy is best suited to your needs.

Overall, a Life Insurance Calculator generally takes the following variables into account from our end:

  1. Lump sum needs in case of your unfortunate death like: home loan, car loan pay off etc.
  2.  Monthly expenses required to cover the daily needs of your family
  3.  The amount of time till which your policy would have to sustain your family until they become self- sufficient.
  4.  Inflation in the economy.
  5.  No. of dependents in the family
  6.  One-time sizeable expenses that will have to be met during the policy tenure.
  7.  The kind and cost of education required to be given to your children.
  8.  Amount required for Child’s marriage.
  9.  Amount required to provide for your dependent parents.

Based on the variables that you have given and algorithm that will incorporate expert predictions of the economy, the Life Insurance Calculator will tell you the amount of cover required to financially secure your family in your absence.

The easy accessibility enables everyone to find the adequate amount of Life insurance required for financial security of their loved one’s. It would be strongly advised to use such services before you begin investing in a policy of your own.