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Savings Investment Plans

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan
  1. Guaranteed additions on cumulative premiums
  2. Guaranteed sum assured on maturity
  3. Life cover for the entire policy term
PNB MetLife Super Saver Plan
  1. Growth with Capital Protection 
  2. Liquidity through Cash Bonuses  
  3. Waiver of premium on Death or Critical llness
  4. Protect your family’s future
PNB MetLife Smart Platinum
  1. Flexible premium payment options
  2. Auto rebalance investment portfolio
  3. Option to change sum assured*
PNB MetLife Endowment Savings Plan Plus
  1. Protect your family’s future
  2. Additional bonuses from 1st policy year
  3. Waiver of premium against 35 critical illnesses
  4. Life Cover for entire policy term
PNB MetLife Guaranteed Income Plan
  1. Guaranteed* returns
  2. Discount  on higher sum assured
  3. Survival and maturity benefits
  4. Tax benefits**
MetLife Mera Wealth Plan
  1. Create your own wealth plan 
  2. Enhance your investments
  3. Protect your loved ones
PNB MetLife Guaranteed Increasing Income Plan
  1. Get Annual Income that increases at a rate of 10% p.a. (simple), to protect you against rising expenses
  2. Plan your goals with a Lump Sum at maturity
  3. Option to defer your survival payouts to boost the maturity proceeds
  4. Option to protect your family with an increasing annual income for 10 years in your absence
MetLife Dhan Samriddhi Plan
  1. Single Premium
  2. Reasonable  charge on premiums
  3. Loyalty additions on sum assured
PNB MetLife Whole Life Wealth Plan
  1. Whole Life Cover
  2. Uninterrupted savings for your goals
  3. Personalised wealth plan
  4. Get rewarded with fund boosters
PNB MetLife Money Back Plan
  1. Guaranteed* returns
  2. Discount  on higher sum assured
  3. Survival and maturity benefits
  4. Tax benefits**
PNB MetLife Bachat Yojana
  1. Reasonable Premiums
  2. Long Term Savings
  3. Financial Security
PNB MetLife Bhavishya Plus
  1. Waiver of premium
  2. Financial security
  3. Survival Benefits
PNB MetLife College Plan
  1. Regular benefit payouts* 
  2. Prepare for child’s education expenses
  3. Waiver of premiums-event of death
PNB MetLife Income Protection Plan
  1. Guaranteed Payout
  2. Protection for your family
  3. Easy Enrolment
  4. Flexibility
  5. Tax benefits
PNB MetLife Monthly Income Plan-10 Pay
  1. Guaranteed monthly income for your family
  2. Financial Protection
  3. Tax savings*
MetLife Smart Child

MetLife Smart Child

UIN 117L072V02
  1. Create wealth for your child’s future
  2. Safeguard your savings from market uncertainty
  3. Loyalty additions (15-20 yrs term) on maturity
MetLife Smart One

MetLife Smart One

UIN 117L068V02
  1. Stop Loss Option to protect from market downswings.
  2. Liquidity with Partial Withdrawls
  3. Tax Benefits*
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Saving Plans

In order to achieve financial goals actively, you should opt for a life insurance policy that provides much more than protection. PNB MetLife’s Savings plans have the potential to accumulate wealth that can help you achieve your financial goals and secure your future. We offer a plethora of plans like an endowment plan or a money back plan to cater to your diverse savings needs with attractive features and benefits while securing you from troubles of a rainy day. So while you enhance the habit of saving, we will shower you with tons of benefits!
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