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    Announcements & Updates

    Announcements & Updates

    Outcome of Board Meeting May 7, 2024

    Intimation under Reg 57(1) of SEBI LODR



    Financial results for March 31, 2022

    Notice of 102nd Board Meeting

    Notice of 100th Board Meeting

    Proceedings of 24th EGM

    Intimation of Resignation of Director

    Quarterly Financial Results December 31,2021

    Details of Credit Ratings on Non-Convertible Debentures

    Newspaper publication – Financial results ended December 31, 2021

    Update – Regulation 6 and 7

    Change in Director

    Intimation of Appointment of Director

    Intimation_Regulation 6 and 7

    Intimation_Utilization of Proceeds

    NSE Intimation_Compliance Certificate_Reg 7(3)_March 2022

    NSE Intimation_Statement of Investor Grievances_Reg 13(3)_March 2022

    NSE Intimation_Statement pursuant to Clause 10.1_Operational Circular_Chp VIII_March 2022

    Initial Disclosure – Large Corporate

    Confirmation under regulation 61(4) read with 40(10)

    Resignation of Directors FY 2021

    Disclosure U/R 50(1)

    Newspaper Publication – Financial Results FY 21-22

    Corrigendum – Newspaper publication - Financials FY 2021-22


    Change in Director

    Resignation of Directors FY 22-23

    Intimation of Appointment of Director

    NSE intimation - Appt of Mr A K Goel

    Statement of investor grievances – June

    Statement of Utilization of Funds – June

    Regulation 6 and 7

    Notice of 103rd Board Meeting

    Financial Results_ June 30, 2022

    Newspaper Publication_financial results_June22

    Change in Director

    Change in KMP

    21st AGM Notice & Annual Report

    Resignation of Directors FY 2022-23

    Transcript of 21st AGM

    Investor Grievances - Sept 2022

    Regulation 6 & 7 - Sept 2022

    Statement on Utilisation of Funds - Sept 2022

    Statement pursuant to Clause 10.1_Operational Circular_Chp VIII_Sept 2022

    Trading Window Closure_Oct 2022

    Notice of 104th Board Meeting

    Financial Results_ Sept 30, 2022

    Newspaper Publication_financial results_Sept22

    Asset cover under regulation 54_Sept 2022

    Credit Rating rationale

    Change in Director

    Change in Director

    Credit Rating_ICRA_Dec 2022

    Notice of 25th EGM

    Intimation_Reg 57(4)

    Appointment of Pawan & Kastity

    Trading window closure_Dec 2022

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Dec 2022

    Disclosure under Reg 6(1)&7(1)_Dec 2022

    Proceedings – 25th EGM

    Notice of 106th Board Meeting

    Outcome of Board Meeting_Jan 18, 2023

    Newspaper publication_Dec 22 financials

    Details of Credit Ratings on Non-Convertible Debentures-2021

    Appointment of Derwyn Thomas & Binod Kumar

    Intimation_Reg 57(5)_Mar2023

    Disclosure for Large Corporates_Mar2023

    Intimation_Reg 6(1)_Mar2023

    Intimation_Reg 7(1)_Mar2023

    Statement pursuant to Clause 10.1_Chp VIII_Mar2023

    Intimation_Trading Window Closure_Mar2023

    Resignation of Directors FY 2023-24

    Confirmation under regulation 61(4) read with 40(9)

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Mar 2023

    Change in Director

    Newspaper publication_Financial Results_Mar 22

    Notice of 108th Board Meeting

    Submission under Annex XIVB

    NSE Intimation_ComplianceCertificate_Reg 7(3)_March 2023

    Outcome of Board Meeting_May 3, 2023

    Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_March 2023

    Intimation_Reg 51(2) of SEBI LODR

    Trading Window Closure_Jun2023

    Updated Intimation_Reg 51(2) of SEBI LODR

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Jun 2023

    Intimation_Reg 6(1)_Jun 2023

    Intimation_Reg 7(1)_Jun 2023

    Notice of 109th Board Meeting

    Outcome of Board Meeting_July 21, 2023

    Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_June 2023


    22nd AGM Notice & Annual Report

    NSE Intimation of Updated Annual Report FY 2022-23

    Transcript of 22nd AGM

    Trading Window Closure_Sept2023

    Intimation_Reg 6(1)_Sept2023

    Intimation_Reg 7(1)_Sept2023

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Sept2023

    Statement pursuant to Clause 10.1_Chp VIII_Sept2023

    Outcome of Board Meeting_October 20, 2023

    Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_Sept' 2023

    Credit Rating_CRISIL_Nov 2023

    Press Release

    Credit rating_ICRA

    Credit Rating_2023

    Intimation Board Meeting

    Change of Director

    Outcome of Board Meeting_18.12.2023

    Intimation_Trading Window Closure_Dec 2023

    Record Date_Int Payout-Jan’24

    Intimation_Reg 6(1)_Dec2023

    Intimation_Reg 7(1)_Dec2023

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Dec2023

    Notice of 112th Board Meeting

    Outcome of Board Meeting_January 22, 2024

    Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_Dec' 2023

    Interest payout confirmation-Jan’24

    Notice of 110th Board Meeting

    Intimation_Change in CRCO_March 2024

    Trading Window Closure_March2024

    SEBI Operational Circular_Chap VIII_March 2024

    SEBI Operational Circular_Chap XI_March 2024

    Intimation_Reg 6(1)_Mar2024

    Intimation_Reg 7(1)_Mar2024

    Disclosure under Reg 13(3)_Mar2024

    Notice of 114th Board Meeting

    Submission under Annex XIVB- March 2024

    NSE Intimation_ComplianceCertificate_Reg 7(3)_March 2024

    NSE Intimation_ certification under 61(4)_March’ 24

    Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_Mar' 2024


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