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Why Invest in life Insurance?

Why Invest in life Insurance?

Life insurance is the best way to save for your future. Though there are many types of investments in the market, Life Insurance gives you a distinct edge over them. 

Benefits of Life Insurance over mutual funds Read More

  • Going in for Life Insurance gives you dual benefits of investment and insurance
  • It is more suitable for long term investment
  • Life Insurance also gives you an option to switch between funds
  • A Life Insurance plan also offers you tax benefits

Benefits of Life Insurance over bonds

  • An insurance plan is more secure as it offers assured compensation in case of a covered loss.
  • In a life insurance the premium is paid to cover the potential losses, not for the guarantee.
  • The insured isn’t expected to repay the insured when the claim is paid by the insurance company.

Benefits of Life Insurance over stocks

  • Stocks are a riskier investment as compared to Life Insurance. Market fluctuations mean you could stand to lose if you invest in stocks.
  • Life Insurance offers you more consistency with the regular pay out option.
  • With a life insurance plan you get delayed taxes on your investment gains. The only tax that you have to pay is when you withdraw money.

The benefits that life insurance offers you are many more compared to the other investment schemes available in the market. In addition it also offers you surety not only for your money but also of your money.