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Tips for Daddy-hood!

PNB MetLife 03-10-2016 10:51:52 AM
Tips for Daddy-hood

Being a dad is no mean feat! It involves being involved in the high points such as your child’s first day at school, graduation, marriage, etc. But to help your child reach those milestones, we as dads need to have more foresight, in case we can’t actually be there. Read More

For those tough times
We can always have contingency plans laid out for when life doesn’t pan the way we wanted it to, through Life Insurance Policies and Child Insurance Plans. The payout from your insurance plans can ensure that your family will be able to get back up on their feet even after an unforeseen drastic event. However, for this to work effectively, dads will have to take up the responsibility of mapping their family’s future needs effectively, and design their policies accordingly.

Your children are your legacy. That piece of yourself you leave behind so that he/she could be everything that you couldn’t. And the first step to getting there is education. In today’s world where academics and numbers are your ticket to a good life, education is indispensable. And it always comes at a price. Your Child Insurance Plans can help you see to it that your child makes it through the right kind of higher education.

Your child’s wedding is the beginning of an important chapter in their life. As a father, it falls in your checklist of responsibilities to ensure that your child has everything he/she needs as they begin this phase in their life. An insurance plan can help you bear this responsibility effectively and accomplish this core duty of being a father.

Being a dad is all about being there for your children! In the event you are not present, your insurance policy can see your children through. Hence, embrace insurance as you embrace fatherhood!