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Tips to teach your child the value of money

PNB MetLife 03-10-2016 10:52:17 AM
Tips to teach your child the value of money

The importance of money is a core value which should be instilled in every child. An early start equips your child to become responsible and grow up to be financially independent. As parents, you may invest in a Child Plan or specifically a Child Education Plan, but involving your child in such investments lays the foundation of making your child understand the importance of money. Read More

  1. Involve your child in family finances

To begin with, your child should be made familiar with the income and spends in the family. This gives them an idea of the inflow and outflow of cash and creates a mind set for investing later on.

  1.  Give them an early start at earning

Tips for chores as well as, for helping out around the house is an empowering experience for a child. It works to instil an industrial outlook from a young age in your kid.

  1. Involve them in choosing investment plans

Keep your child in the loop about your child Investment plan. Reminders on saving for the plan will drive home the core value of saving. It will also supplement the habit of keeping a Piggy Bank and saving for other goals that he/she might have.

  1. Set a family goal

Involve your child in the financial planning of your next family vacation. This not only gives you a chance to bond over a common goal but helps your kid to realise the value of money in making the vacation possible