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Best alternatives to invest early in a child education plan while planning your retirement | PNB MetLife | 04-01-2020

Parents often break their retirement pot to pay for their child’s higher education. This leaves them vulnerable ... Read More

Financial 'To Do' List For Your 18 Year Old Child | 06-11-2019

When your children attain the age of 18, it is an important exercise to teach them financial independence and fa... Read More

How to have health check on your kid-children during Monsoon | 29-08-2019

Here is a quick list of some handy measures to make sure your child stays protected against the vagaries of the ... Read More

How a child plan can help you save for your child’s education? | 17-06-2019

As a parent, nobody wants their child's future to get hindered by a lack of money. Also, savings alone will not ... Read More

Thinking of your child’s education plan? Read this first | 25-12-2018

It is said that the cost of higher education in this country has the highest inflation rates. By 2025, the avera... Read More

Choose the Best Child Education Plan for Higher Education Abroad - PNB MetLife | 23-10-2018

Child education plan is one of the important investment as it safeguards their dreams and future together. We br... Read More

Money Management Mantras for Dads-to-be | 28-08-2018

Becoming a father is one of the happiest moments in a man’s life.  Nothing in the world can replace it. Your pri... Read More

If you’re thinking of your children’s future, think of child education plan | 20-07-2018

Education is an investment and one should always plan investments carefully. It is never too late to start plann... Read More

3 Reasons Why a Child Saving Plan is a Smart Investment | 10-07-2018

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys you can experience. However, this happiness comes with its share o... Read More

How to plan the future of your marriage | 11-11-2016

Make a life plan for your marriage and family with PNB MetLife Insurance to make your best future. Read More

Secure your child’s future today | 11-11-2016

We look into all requirements of our children. All our lives we try and fulfil all their wishes whether big or s... Read More

How to secure your child’s future expenses in your budget | 11-11-2016

Plan right for your child education  with PNB MetLife Insurance which can help accumulate a corpus that will sec... Read More

Child Investment Plans - Best Financial Moves For New Parents | 02-11-2016

A child is the pride and joy of any parent, a conduit for their hopes, dreams and legacy. Hence, it would be wis... Read More

Tips to teach your child the value of money | 03-10-2016

The importance of money is a core value which should be instilled in every child. An early start equips your chi... Read More

Get involved in your Child’s Personality Development | 12-09-2016

As important as it is for  you to have child investment plans and child protection policies for your children, t... Read More

Early Financial Planning - A Parenting Victory | 12-09-2016

Read about the tax savings plans to understand which scheme is best for the child’s security in future. Read More

Tips for Daddy-hood! | 26-08-2016

Being a dad is no mean feat! It involves being involved in the high points such as your child’s first day at sch... Read More

5 Steps to Finding Quality Child Care at Every Age | 19-05-2016

When it comes to quality of a child care centre, parents and children need to feel comfortable. Here are 5 steps... Read More

How to deal with cyber bullying as a parent | 19-05-2016

Privacy in the age of the Internet is increasingly important, but not only to adults. Children are very vulnerab... Read More

Your First Child and 5 Ways of Financial Planning | 19-05-2016

There are many unforeseen factors when it comes to your first child. Financial planning should not be one of the... Read More

6 Amazing High Paying Jobs for Your Kid’s Future | 05-05-2016

Find out which jobs will rake in the big bucks 20 years from now! Read More

Start now, to financially secure your child’s future | 04-03-2016

As a parent, you worry endlessly about your child’s safety and wellbeing... Read More

10 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Work-Life Balance - PNB MetLife | 01-02-2016

10 Tips on How to Balance Work & Life Read More

How You Can Start Saving for Your Child’s Ivy-League Education | 18-01-2016

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want to see them grow up happy and achieve success... Read More