Retirement Planning - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

5 mistakes to avoid while planning for your golden years.

How does one picture retirement? A nice long vacation? Not bothering about answering work-related calls? Sipping on your favourite beverage by a swimming pool? These are all pretty pictures, ones you think about with enthusiasm. But that enthusiasm soon turns into anxiety as you inch closer to retirement. The question you are now harrowed by is – ‘Who’s going to pay for all these lavish dreams once I retire?’

It’s a question one should ask oneself more often. After all, you’ve got to have it all figured out for when the paychecks stop. Retirement planning is challenging. For your benefit, here’s an easy-to-remember infographic that highlights the 5 most common mistakes to avoid while making retirement plans. Following this can ensure that your golden years are secure, sunshine-y and happy. After all, you’ve worked hard to earn it.


Finally, the best way to make sure your retirement years are relaxed, is to invest in a good retirement life insurance plan. Retirement plans help you put some money aside right from the very start of your career, without any financial pressure at all. That way, you pay a lower premium, gain higher returns and your money matures enough to cover all the other factors mentioned earlier. 

So why leave the planning for later? Start today, be prepared and retire happily. You deserve it! 

*Statistics Source: Business Today