Employee Talent Management at PNB MetLife Insurance
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Talent Management

PNB MetLife is committed to having the right talent in the right roles at the right time, with diverse backgrounds, thoughts and experiences, in order to build a world class talent organization with a deep pipeline of future leaders.

Growth & Development: Our objective is to develop and grow talented and motivated employees who are focused on clear objectives, driven to achieve superior results and have opportunities for growth. We at PNB MetLife embrace diversity to ensure inclusion.

Philosophy: Our Talent Management philosophy works on following principles:
  • Fact Based – Talent assessments and decisions are fact based, use observable behaviours and talent  management tools (Performance and potential measurement, company values and leadership competencies, enterprise assessment tools)
    Growth – As our business needs evolve and customer expectations change, we are constantly raising the bar and expect our employees to stretch and grow through a combination of development options.
    Accountability – Employees are accountable for their career development. Leaders are accountable for managing talent within their teams for today and tomorrow.
    Employee Centricity – We help our employees realize their value and potential for long-term success in meaningful careers. Nothing matters more than engaging our employees with candid, clear and continuous performance and career development dialogs.
  • Attracting Talent – In our desire to attract the best talent to PNB MetLife, we leverage many different channels to post jobs externally and source passive talent.
  • Measure and Manage – We have robust structure to effectively measure and manage performance of employees against goals and critical competencies.