Employee Learning & Development at PNB MetLife Insurance
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Learning and Development

At PNB MetLife learning & development is aligned to the organizational vision and talent strategy to create a conducive environment of ‘Learn @ Work’, and influence positive behaviours amongst the employees.
The underlying philosophy is that learning never stops at as we believe it is not just an activity but a continuous journey, owned by individuals here. We create an environment for continuous learning and development experiences to unlock the potential of our employees for an enriching career that enables superior performance.

Objective: The Learning Architecture is created with the below mentioned objectives.
  • Increase Productivity and Quality of Work
  • Impact Employee Retention
  • Internal and External Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhance Employee Motivation

Learning Activities: Learning solutions at PNB MetLife is aligned to the 70:20:10 Learning Principle
  • 70% of learning is Experiential - Learning through daily tasks, challenges and applying the learning in real work situation.
  • 20% of learning is Social - Learning from the co-workers or through mentoring/ coaching by Managers.
  • 10% of learning is Formal - Learning through structured training courses and programs. (via different delivery formats)
L & D road map is aligned to PNB MetLife’s strategic pillars in order to make an impact at different stages pf the employee’s life cycle with the organisation.
  • Enterprise Learning - Learning Interventions at different points in the employee life cycle.
  • Function wise Roadmap - Customised learning strategy to functional learning requirements
  • Competency Development - learning bridging the competency gap between target and current proficiency.
  • Leadership Development - development Programs catering to senior/middle/entry level leaders.
  • Critical Skills Inventory  -a people-friendly policy framework for LOMA, Actuarial development, executive education and insurance domain-specific learning interventions are envisaged and executed for professional development of employees in their chosen domains. 
Team PNB MetLife feels proud to provide meaningful learning experiences to every employee who walks the hallway of the organisation.