Rewards & Recognition at PNB MetLife Insurance
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Rewards & Recognition

At PNB MetLife we understand that just a ‘Thank you’ can change the workplace culture. Showing a little gratitude in office can be the simplest, yet most effective way to boost morale and promote a healthy culture. It offers benefits on an individual as well as organizational level and is very critical for employee motivation, which ultimately results in talent retention. Almost all our departments and business units have formal and informal practices in place to appreciate and recognize employees for their extra efforts and achievements. These range from letters of recognition from the heads of the business or department, peer-to-peer nominations and praise, to formal awards or certificates.  Some examples are:  ‘Employee Appreciation Week’, ‘Long Service awards’, ‘Moment of Truth’ where employees go beyond their call of duty to deliver and live our values; Sales R&R and ‘Best in Class’, which is a platform created to recognize and reinforce the best practices and our values that distinctly set us apart among our peer groups.