Term Insurance Plans - The key to secure your family’s future

Term Insurance Plans - The key to secure your family’s future

PNB MetLife 25-12-2018 11:26:05 AM
Term Insurance Plans - The key to secure your family’s future

A term insurance plan can secure the future of your family. A term policy is a form of life cover which gives coverage against the risk of loss of life within a defined period. Term plans are specifically designed to secure your family’s needs in case of death.

Term insurance plans can be regarded as insurance in the purest sense and such plans have been a much favoured form of insurance for those looking to provide security to their loved ones in the future. The primary feature of such a plan is that if you as the policyholder, were to pass away in an untimely manner anytime during the policy term, your family would get a predetermined payout.

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Is there a term plan to suit every need?

As your income increases, your family experiences a better lifestyle. However, what if someday you are unable to provide for your family due to an unforeseen event? Since the future is largely unpredictable, it is vital to have a protection plan which ensures that in the event of such an incident, your dependants can continue to receive the income required to provide for their needs.

So, what you need is a term insurance term plan which offers you and your family a complete protection plan. Normally, such a plan would provide life cover as well as cover against critical illnesses. This would make it a truly comprehensive plan as it would provide absolute security to your family. These days, most companies also allow you to customise the plan to suit your requirements. This allows you to choose from convenient payment and benefit options. What’s more, since you can buy these as online term plans, the entire procedure becomes even simpler.

Some compelling reasons to opt for an online term insurance plan:

Such a plan has several advantages which can benefit your family in the long run:

  • There are many low cost, comprehensive protection plans which give you the option of not just a Life Cover but also a cover for Critical Illnesses.
  • The plan could offer you the flexibility to choose from different pay-out options.
  • You can choose a plan where the Critical Illness coverage amount suits your requirements 
  • Some online term plans can give you life cover for as long as up to 99 years of age.

Some of the features you should consider:
An online term plan would allow you all the flexibility and convenience of online transactions. There are several benefits and attractive features of term insurance plans. Firstly, being low cost plans, they become an affordable and lucrative choice for most families. In addition, many plans go beyond traditional life Insurance plans and protect you against several basic and critical illnesses. 

Another appealing feature of many such plans is the flexible death benefit payout options of receiving the assured sum through a method of payment most suited to you. Some online term plans allow you to receive the monthly income as an equal monthly sum or an increasing amount, depending on your requirements.

Security, benefits and convenience

To conclude, term insurance plans can be a secure income replacement for those times when you are unable to contribute financially to your family’s requirements. With their multiple customisable options, and convenient features, they could truly help secure your family’s future.