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Online Term Plan With Critical Illness Benefit

PNB MetLife 21-12-2016 12:21:50 PM
Online Term plan with critical illness benefit

Today, term insurance plans are most sought after and with the introduction of online term plans, our lives have gotten a lot easier. With the ease of online transactions, financial experts suggest opting for term plans over others as they offer a higher sum assured amount in return of really low premium rates.

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With the increasing popularity of online term insurance, there is yet a large number of people in our country who are unaware about the various riders that one could opt for with their term plans. So, what are riders? Riders are the add-ons to your term plans which help enhance insurance protection and play an important role in making your term plans more efficient.

Thinking about which rider you should opt for? According to the industry experts and insurance specialists, the best rider to opt for while buying an online term insurance is a Critical illness rider.

It is wise to opt for a rider that suits your needs, but a Critical illness rider has a lot of benefits that one can’t simply ignore:

  • The rider helps you avail double tax benefit 
  • It provides add-on coverage which takes care of day to day medical expenses 
  • A Critical illness rider cover provides coverage for most of the important diseases like Cancer, Heart Attack, Paralysis, Organ transplants of Heart Kidney and Pancreas, Coronary Artery Bypass surgery, Kidney failure & Stroke