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    PNB MetLife leverages trust, expertise and reach to enable consumers to ‘Be Double Sure’

    Launches its latest brand campaign that takes a holistic approach to customer centricity

    New Delhi, 13 November 2013: Riding on the success of the ‘Be Double Sure’ campaign, which showcased the coming together of MetLife, the global Life Insurance expert and PNB, India’s leading PSU bank, the company is taking the next step towards engaging the customer through its latest marketing campaign. The new brand campaign is the creative rendition of how the organization has moved towards customer convenience and service which are the key reasons identified for believing and investing in a brand. The campaign is intended to reach out to a mass market audience, defined as married males (with children) in the 35-50 year age bracket falling into the ‘Strivers’ and ‘Seekers’ income groups i.e. INR Rs 5 lac-20 lac. The campaign will go live from mid-November through a multi-media platform and will run in 8 languages including Hindi.

    The launch campaign, earlier in the year, on coming together of two corporate giants, delivered big on the message of ‘Trust’, which is the biggest driver of consideration in the category. As per the Brand Track survey, PNB MetLife’s Spontaneous Awareness score went up to 32% from 12% before the campaign while Consideration score improved to 24%. The next leg of the campaign will continue to take the message of ‘Double Sure’ into more tangible customer benefits. Therefore showcasing how the organization has been taking decisive steps by launching several initiatives that benefit the customer.

    Speaking about the new campaign, Balachander Sekhar, Chief Marketing Officer, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co., said “After establishing ‘Trust’ with the first ‘Double Sure’ campaign, we are now moving to specific benefits that the customer will appreciate - showcasing that the partnership now brings them access to over 7000 brick and mortar establishments across the country – will drive both the factor of Trust and convenience. It will also address several issues that customers face with service in general in this category.”

    The TVC revolves around an ‘over the counter’ service experience that customers are subjected to across categories and then draws parallels to that of Life Insurance. The TVC showcases the ease with which consumers can buy and access their policies and even get personalised advice from their trusted life insurance advisor, all just around the corner at the closest PNB MetLife branch. It highlights the extensive reach of PNB MetLife across 7000 locations across the country, which affords the company the wherewithal to service all customer queries with ease, while also settling claims in a hassle free manner.

    Talking about the creative approach to depicting PNB MetLife’s commitment to serving customer’s needs better, Alok Lall ,Executive Director, McCann Worldgroup, “Customer Service often takes a back seat across product and service categories. We all as consumers encounter road blocks on a day to day basis while trying to get what is duly owed to us. Be it repairs which fall within warranty or while making claims or for that matter post sale service. The TVC’s are set in a transactional space to showcase the lack of service that one encounters every single day, this is juxtaposed with the customer centric outlook of PNB MetLife, a Life Insurance partner who is always available to help.”

    The creative agency behind the campaign is Little Lamb Films, with Bauddhayan Mukherji directing and producing the film.

    About PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited
    PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife) is a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings Inc. (MIHI), Punjab National Bank Limited (PNB), Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited and other private investors, with MIHI and PNB being the majority shareholders. PNB MetLife was previously known as MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (MetLife India) and has been present in India since 2001.

    PNB MetLife brings together the financial strength of a leading global life insurance provider, MetLife, Inc., and the credibility and reliability of PNB, one of India's oldest and leading nationalised banks. The vast distribution reach of PNB together with the global insurance expertise and product range of MetLife makes PNB MetLife a strong and trusted insurance provider.

    PNB MetLife is present in over 150 locations across the country and serves customers in more than 7,000 locations through its bank partnerships with PNB, JKB and Karnataka Bank Limited.

    PNB MetLife provides a wide range of protection and retirement products through its Agency sales of over 20,000 financial advisors and multiple bank partners, and provides access to Employee Benefit plans for over 800 corporate clients in India. With its headquarters in Bangalore and Corporate Office in Gurgaon, PNB MetLife is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in the country. The company continues to be consistently profitable and has declared profits for last three Financial Years.

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    As your trusted life insurance partner, PNB MetLife is with you amidst the current COVID-19 outbreak. Our policies also cover COVID-19 Claims. In case of a Death Claim, kindly submit the signed Claim Intimation Letter mentioning the policy number, brief of the insured event and other claim documents on the email mentioned herewith. Please write-in to us at or You can also call us on 1800-425-6969 for death claims intimations and for any queries on Monday - Saturday between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.

    PNB MetLife Insurance, amongst the trusted Life Insurance companies in India, aims to provide a wide range of Life Insurance products that suits the needs of an individual at every stage of his life. Life Insurance Plans range from Term Life Insurance PlansTerm PlanProtection PlansLong Term Savings Plans , Retirement Plans & Child Education Plan.

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