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We are one of the leading life insurance companies in India with MetLife International Holdings LLC and Punjab National Bank as our majority shareholders. Present in over 7,000 locations (including offices of our Bancassurance distributors), we provide a wide range of life, health and retirement insurance products.

Insurance Awareness programmes

Insurance-Awareness- programmes

Insurance is perceived as a complex subject with great deal of intricacies. To break this mind-block and help in understanding insurance in a simpler manner, PNB MetLife conducts workshops in partnership with Insurance Foundation of India (IFI). The company recently concluded workshops, hosted over 6 days, across 50+ villages in Jammu & Samba districts in Jammu & Kashmir. The company reached out to 150,000 people through roadshows, leaflets and announcements with close to 1200 people attending these workshops on basics and importance of insurance. Supported by Jammu & Kashmir Bank and conducted in partnership with Insurance Foundation of India (IFI), a leading NGO; PNB MetLife continuous to educate masses and help them become financially independent and self-sustaining.

This is a second in the series of workshops conducted by PNB MetLife on Insurance awareness. The series was launched in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh earlier this year. With a cumulative outreach of 230,000 people across Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, PNB MetLife aims to reach out to the rural and semi-urban population driving the key message of insurance awareness and financial inclusion.