CSR programme in Jammu & Kashmir

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CSR programme in Jammu & Kashmir

CSR-programme inJammu-&-Kashmir-for-education-and-development-of children

PNB MetLife (PMLI) and Jammu & Kashmir Bank (JKB), in partnership with CRY set up a project towards the education and development of children across the districts of Baramullah, Bandipora and Srinagar, impacting lives of more than 14,000 underprivileged children in the state in 2014. These projects impact over 35,000 children now and have expanded to include Pulwama.

The project partners work with influencers like families, communities, local governance structures as required to change attitudes and activate government services so that children’s rights are upheld and there is a permanent sustained change in their lives. The vision for the project is to provide access to quality, inclusive, equitable and participatory education in safe and protective environment for children.