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    PNB MetLife strengthens its online product portfolio with an innovative term plan

    Introduces MetLife Mera Term Plan – Guarantee your loved ones, the future they dream of!

    PNB MetLife strengthens its online product portfolio with an innovative term plan

    Introduces MetLife Mera Term Plan – Guarantee your loved ones, the future they dream of!

    • Flexibility for customers to design their own financial protection plan to secure the future of their loved ones
    • Industry first feature of protection for child education under a term plan
    • Innovative options like joint life cover with spouse, with waiver of premium, in the absence of primary life assured
    • Option to increase Sum Assured depending on Life Stages, without any medical examination
    • Choose from multiple payout options to support family dreams and financial commitments
    • Easy to navigate and intuitive sales portal for buying the policy even on a smartphone
    • Multiple payment options for customer convenience including mobile wallets

    New Delhi, August 3, 2015: PNB MetLife, among the leading private life insurers, today announced the launch of its new online term plan - MetLife Mera Term Plan (MMTP) available on MMTP is a comprehensive and flexible term plan, offering multiple options to financially protect one’s family. The product covers a customer’s need ranging from a simple term cover, monthly income for the family, child’s education expenses, joint cover for the spouse, option to increase sum assured depending on life stages, among other benefits. With flexibility in its core design, one can now create their own financial protection plan from the comfort of their home anytime, anywhere. The simple and hassle free online buying process designed by PNB MetLife will help customers with easy navigation, click to call facility for instant query support, flexibility to track and review application.

    Speaking on the launch, Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO, PNB MetLife said, “In today’s age where providing everything personalized has become a norm, insurance is also getting aligned to the same. I believe that MetLife Mera Term Plan (MMTP) scores over all the existing term products combining simplicity and flexibility to cater to different customer needs. Our research highlighted that people are typically keen to get flexibility in their cover related to life stage and are concerned about their family’s financial future or their child’s education if something were to happen to them. This product addresses this need and with an option of including the spouse in the same plan, customization of payout options at an affordable cost, this takes care of about every requirement for financial protection that a person may have. In addition, the payment process redefines customer convenience with mobile wallets along with other regular online payment options.”

    The plan offers protection to policyholders at a very affordable cost. Its unique features include joint life cover, increasing monthly income option growing @ 12% p.a., life stage benefit, child benefit option to cover one’s child’s education expenses till they turn 21. For customer convenience in making premium payments, PNB MetLife has tied up with Airtel Money, Paytm, Mobikwik along with regular, credit / debit card and net banking options.


    Unique Features of MetLife Mera Term Plan

    Policy Holder Benefits

    Payout Option 1 Payout Option 2 Payout Option 3 Life Stage Benefit
    Lump sum Payment on death Lump sum + Monthly Income Lump sum + Increasing Monthly Income Offers an option to increase the sum assured over the various ‘Life Stages’. This can be done as per the then prevailing age and premium table without any medical examination.

    On Policyholder’s marriage: Equal to 50% of the original cover subject to maximum of Rs 5,000,000.
    On birth of the first and second child: Equal to 25% of the original cover subject to maximum of Rs 2,500,000 for both the children respectively
    Death sum assured shall be payable as ‘Lump Sum’ on death that can be used towards payout of major financial commitments 50% of the death sum assured shall be payable as ‘Lump Sum’ on demise of insured and the balance to be paid in as equal monthly income over 120 months (10 years) to the nominee This offers inflation adjusted monthly income that are paid over 120 months (10 years) increasing @12% per annum at simple rate of interest to the nominee. This is apart from 50% of the death sum assured payable as ‘Lump Sum’ on demise of insured.

    Spouse Benefit

    • Both the policyholder (the first life) and his/her spouse (the second life) are covered.
    • Coverage to the second life shall be equal to 50% of the Sum Assured of the first life.
    • Benefits: On demise of the first life, the second life is supported with ‘Lump Sum’ in respect of the first life. Also, the policy continues with future premium being waived. However, the policy shall continue with the base premium in case of second life predeceasing the first life.

    This option is available where the sum assured of first life is greater than or equal to Rs 50 lakh.


    Children Benefit

    Secure your Children’s education with this option. This option shall be available to policyholders with child age less than or equal to 15 years. Apart from 50% of the death sum assured that is payable as ‘Lump Sum’, the balance shall be payable as level monthly installments till the nominated child attains age of 21 years.


    Illustration for a Rs 1 cr cover

    Sum Assured: Rs. 1,00,00,000
    Age/Policy Term 15 20 25 30 35
    30 6,043 6,360 6,880 7,420 8,050
    35 7,397 8,230 9,132 10,022 10,912
    40 10,300 11,535 12,870 14,205 15,292

    About PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited
    PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife) is a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings Inc. (MIHI), Punjab National Bank Limited (PNB), Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited and other private investors, with MIHI and PNB being the majority shareholders. PNB MetLife was previously known as MetLife India Insurance Company Limited and has been present in India since 2001.

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    # Terms and conditions apply
    For more details on terms and conditions, pls refer sales brochure


    Collapsed Expanded

    As your trusted life insurance partner, PNB MetLife is with you amidst the current COVID-19 outbreak. Our policies also cover COVID-19 Claims. In case of a Death Claim, kindly submit the signed Claim Intimation Letter mentioning the policy number, brief of the insured event and other claim documents on the email mentioned herewith. Please write-in to us at or You can also call us on 1800-425-6969 for death claims intimations and for any queries on Monday - Saturday between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.

    PNB MetLife Insurance, amongst the trusted Life Insurance companies in India, aims to provide a wide range of Life Insurance products that suits the needs of an individual at every stage of his life. Life Insurance Plans range from Term Life Insurance PlansTerm PlanProtection PlansLong Term Savings Plans , Retirement Plans & Child Education Plan.

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