Listening Organisation at PNB MetLife Insurance
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Listening Organisation

Listening at PNB MetLife is aligned to the pillars of our strategy. Listening enables us to serve employees better and serve customers by addressing the needs. It’s a medium through which our employees influence matters that affect them at work. At PNB MetLife we are focused on agility and intelligent rapid response capability building which has become a critical differentiator, employee sentiments do not remain static. Work flow, control and structures are not linear at PNB MetLife. Employees need to interact, engage and be engaged with multiple stakeholders both internal and external. Employee needs continue to evolve rapidly; hence listening to their sentiments holds centre stage.
At PNB MetLife, We practice informative listening through various mediums. Town hall; Speak up – Campaign, social media, “Be a Voice”, whistle blowing, relationship listening, Happiness Index.
Feedback, Team Huddles and Surveys are regularly conducted to assess critical parameters and seek feedback to make people, process and technology better, which in turn strengthens the organization.
Our Values govern our actions, to build PNB MetLife a listening organization;
At PMLI, listening is a culture, and the dimensions of listening are procedural, policy, structural, resource, skill, and technological which give recognition, acknowledgement, attention, interpretation, understanding, consideration, and response to our employees, stakeholders and customers. Listening at PMLI is aligned to the pillars of our strategy. Employee voice is the means by which employees communicate their views on employment and organisational issues. It’s a medium through which our employees influence matters that affect them at work. For PMLI, effective voice contributes toward evaluation, innovation, productivity and business improvement and results in increased job satisfaction, greater influence and better opportunities for development.
PMLI Speak-Up culture begins with the top. The commitments to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable in escalating concerns begin with a company's executive management. It cascades down through the organization.