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How to Choose the Best ULIP Plan

PNB MetLife 27-01-2016 11:43:23 AM
How to Choose the Best ULIP Plan

ULIP plans are a great option for investors with a moderate risk appetite. ULIP plans are most sought after because of their flexibility and growth prospects.

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Here are some steps which may help you choose the best ULIP:

  1. One should opt for ULIPs that offer a wide variety of options through asset classes. That means a unit linked insurance policy with more fund options along with varying allocations is a better choice over one with limited fund options. A broader range of options simply gives you a better choice of choosing a suitable plan for your risk profile and investment objective.
  2. Your insurance buying experience should be effortlessly easy, thus primarily go for ULIPs that can be easily bought over the internet.
  3. Earlier, ULIPs were known to be costlier, but in today’s times they can be bought for the lowest charges while expecting good returns over a period of time. Investment plans with a zero charge structure make for a good investment strategy. One should preferably opt for ULIPs that invest the total premium, determining that the premium allocation charge remains zero. Also read: Importance of ULIPs
  4. Aspire to invest for a long term with a unit linked insurance policy. Choose flexible investment plans that offer more flexibility to choose the policy term, 
  5. Prefer ULIPs that offer flexibility for premium payments.