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Key to a Happy Retirement

PNB MetLife India 26-08-2016 12:14:15 PM
Key to a Happy Retirement

Being retired is all about stretching your legs and reaping the benefits of a life you’ve worked hard to have. But in order to enjoy your second innings, you need effective retirement planning - one that doesn’t leave you with regrets and allows you to maintain your lifestyle.

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Set your priorities
Figuring out what you’d like to do and how you’d like to do it would be a good place to get started. Would you like to stick close to family, or would you like to have your personal space and move into a beautiful and peaceful retirement home? We give up many things while building a career and making ends meet. For some, retirement is all about revisiting and exploring things they never had time for!

Financial planning
Needless to say retirement planning with respect to finance has to be preemptive. So the earlier you get down to it, the better. Even more important than beginning to save early in your professional career is, making sure that you make the right investments. How much money you save depends on your time horizon, risk appetite, the instruments you invest in and the amount you end up saving regularly.