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A beginner’s guide to a rocking retirement

PNB MetLife India 20-04-2017 11:59:13 AM
A beginner’s guide to a rocking retirement

You have duly planned and saved for your retirement. But your retirement planning is just based on the vague idea that you have of your post retirement requirements rather than a concrete plan.

Life expectancy has increased and it is imperative that you ensure financial security when you retire. Things to consider before planning retirement: Read More

Make an early start – 

Making an early start to planning and saving for your retirement allows money to grow. Each gain means further returns. With gradual passage of time, you miss out on the benefit of compounding, which could grow your money exponentially over time. 

Keeping in mind inflation –     

Not keeping in mind inflation could throw your retirement plans out of gear. Keeping in mind retirement is a long term goal; the impact of inflation needs to be accounted for.

Ensuring good insurance – 

An insurance policy is important, to ensure financial support for your family in unfortunate events such as the bread winner of the family not being there anymore. It is imperative to buy a life insurance policy at the earliest and increase or decrease the cover as per change in liabilities. 

Importance of buying a house – 

Buying a house provides a sense of security. Having a home is a basic necessity and means major expenses and if you already haven’t bought it your pension plans should include it.
Here are some retirement plans offered by PNB MetLife:

  • MetLife Money Back Plan with survival and maturity benefits
  • MetLife Bachat Yojana with long term savings
  • MetLife Smart Platinum with flexible premium payment options