PNB MetLife launches new campaign; raises a concern on life’s unpredictability!

PNB MetLife launches new campaign; raises a concern on life’s unpredictability!

Riding high on the success of its digital campaigns, #HappinessBuddy and #HealthForHappiness, PNB Metlife has unveiled a new film focusing on the uncertainty of life and the need to be insured.

An insight into the consumer mind-set showed that in India, consumers view insurance as an investment tool rather than a safety net in case of any untoward incident. PNB MetLife is looking to change that mindset with the launch of this light-hearted film conveying the message of life’s unpredictability.

Through this film, the company wants consumers to recognize the need for insurance to protect themselves and their families as ‘anything can happen in life’. While consumers are aware of this, they don’t want to even think that something unfortunate can happen to them.

Penetration of life insurance is still very low in India. Most of the brand communication in this category focusses on benefits like ‘returns’, and services like ‘ease of claim settlement’ amongst others. Human life is subject to risks of death and disability due to natural and accidental causes. Buying a life insurance cover will ensure that the customer’s immediate family has some financial support during any such event. Keeping this in mind, PNB MetLife has focused on the real benefit and need of life insurance. They have tried to communicate the message in a humorous way to ensure it is not morose or depressing.

The #LifeMeinTwist film opens with a couple and their son walking around in a street fair and their son drags them to watch a local magic show. The magician tries to attract a larger crowd by claiming to showcase his magical prowess of transforming a human being into a pigeon and subsequently turning it back. The magician’s assistant, who is a young boy, drags the reluctant man as a volunteer.  The magician transforms the man into a pigeon. Unfortunately due to a background noise of balloon bursting, the pigeon flies off before the magician can transform him again. Thus film ends with a message that anything can happen in life at any time and it is always better to be prepared.

The company is going the digital route with the launch of #LifeMeinTwist film instead of a traditional TVC. This film will be promoting the award winning (for the ecommerce platform) MetLife Mera Term Plan, a pure online protection product with flexibility to customize one’s insurance plan.

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Film Title: Magician

Client: PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited

Agency: McCann Erickson India Pvt. Ltd.

Account Management: Alok Lall, Nutan Sooda, Farhat Naim

Creative Team: Pradeep Kumar, Ravinder Siwach

Production Company: Razorblade Films

Director: Anwar Sayed

Producer: Christopher Wagner

DOP: Krishnna Banjan

Composer: Amar Mangrulkar