The importance of Retirement Planning in India

Why is Retirement Planning essential?

PNB MetLife India 29-09-2016 01:07:08 PM
Why is Retirement Planning essential

Indians have warmed up to the idea of retirement in the past decade or so. Today, many individuals opt for a voluntary retirement to pursue other interests and lead a relaxed phase in the autumn of their lives. Sounds rosy, isn’t it? Read More

But, to live a smooth after retirement life, one needs to carefully strategize their retirement planning.

Here are reasons why retirement planning in India is pretty essential during the early years:

  1. Longer life expectancy: Better healthcare and medical help is a prime reason why our generation will live longer. But, with advanced medical facilities, one needs to chalk out a proper plan to sustain the health expenses in the long run. 
  2. Pension: Retirement planning in India is essential as pension earned by a person from an employer or a government organisation is likely to fall short for a good retired life. Individuals also opt for pension plans with their retirement scheme to boost their pension. 
  3. Nuclear setups: Today, more families are choosing the nuclear way of living and this also reflects in the post retirement living patterns of most individuals. To support an independent lifestyle post retirement, you must have your retirement financial planning in place.
  4. Financial independence: Nowadays individuals after retirement, plan to be financially independent. While individuals may choose to contribute to their child’s expenses or family contributions, they might also choose to start a new venture in this new phase of life.
  5. Retirement goals: Everyone dreams of amazing things to do after retirement! After working all your life, individuals have goals etched out to fulfil all their desires of pursuing hobbies, taking holidays, starting a business etc.

In short, your retirement needs to be sketched out with a wise plan that shelters your requirements and addresses your desires enough for you to be carefree. Keeping the above pointers in mind, it is wise to seek assistance from a financial planner before investing in a retirement plan.