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Life Insurance for Different Stages of Life

PNB MetLife India 01-08-2016 01:10:56 PM
Life Insurance for Different Stages of Life

Life insurance is all about creating a responsible financial plan, which provides the security of meeting your financial responsibilities as well as protecting your family through the different stages of life. Read More

  1. Marriage:

    Life insurance policies provide financial stability to a person in the event of passing away of their partner. The death benefits paid to the surviving partner can also provide for retirement or a child’s education.

  2. Becoming a parent:

    A life insurance is vital for you as a parent to protect your family during tough times. But additionally, getting a Child Life Insurance helps plan your child’s future through unforeseen consequences

  3. Mortgage:

    Life insurance can also cover your house loan amount to ensure your family can pay the loan in your absence.  A term life insurance is also a great option to ease the pain of paying of mortgages.

  4. Protection for Business:

    If you run your own business, you should definitely have life insurance to pays off any debts in the future and cover any unforeseen expenses in your business.

  5. Single life:

    Life insurance allows you to change the beneficiaries in case of a divorce. If you have children from your marriage, you can opt to co-elect your child’s name as a beneficiary with your ex-spouse or go solo with a Child life insurance.

  6. Old age:

    At this stage, it is essential to have a will or a trust for estate planning. But having a life insurance will help provide funds to pay estate taxes by eliminating or reducing them. Also life insurance gives you a lump-sum payment to protect your retirement.