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    3D Pro Badminton Game

    Introducing the 3D Pro Badminton Challenge, powered by PNB MetLife

    We believe that practice gives birth to champions. And what better way to shine than starting at a grass-root level? Badminton is the second most participated sport in India. PNB MetLife hopes to take this enthusiasm for participation from roadside pavements, crammed verandas, and open terraces, into a more formal and competitive arena. 

    At PNB MetLife, it is our endeavor to transform the junior badminton players of our country into champions. This very mission gave birth to the Junior Badminton Championship, an action-packed tournament hosted by PNB MetLife in partnership with Sara Foundation. The tournament brings forth our ambition to promote India's second most popular sport among the 5-17 year old players.

    By embarking on this journey of discovery ourselves, we decided to extend the thrill of fast paced real life like on court badminton to the digital arena with 3D Pro Badminton Challenge a mobile badminton game powered by PNB MetLife Insurance Company India Ltd and Junior Badminton Championship.

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    Exciting Gameplay

    Badminton physics is in full action with fast shuttlecock speed and dynamic camera angles. This allows player to play singles badminton match with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as opponent. By using simple swipes you can play a range of shots (Smash, Backhand, Forehand e.t.c.). Explore width and depth of court by using angle and length of swipe. High quality animation, special effects, and thumping music will add to the rush.

    Action Unlimited

    Jump into the action with 4 exciting formats:

    1. Quick Match: Choose your opponent, select court and difficulty level and you're all set for edge of the seat action.
    2. Championship: Compete in 10 international tournaments and win them to claim your badminton super champ status.
    3. Challenges: Proud of your badminton skills? Show us what you've got with these fun drills. 
    4. Training: Toil hard on court and keep going till you get it right.

    Unique Features

    • Customize: Create a player by choosing Avatar and skin color. Set a match by choosing Court, Opponent, and difficulty level.
    • Skill: Enhance your skills by harnessing Accuracy, Agility, and Power.
    • Power up: Dazzle your opponents by using power ups.
    • Locker: Equip yourself with top a class gear to give a boost to your skills.
    • Leader board: See your rank against other fellow competitors and friends
    • Coins & XPs: Display your superiority on the court and win to earn coins and XPs
    • Earn Free coins : Faced with a depleted badminton arsenal? Cheer up because you can earn free coins by completing simple tasks.

    What users have to say

    ‘You will surely be immersed in the game and play like a champion as the games progress. Kudos to the developers!’
     - Kuchimanchi Subramanyam

    ‘A perfect blend of Animation, Colour, Music, Experience and Enjoyment. I am not a pro-gamer still love the app and added to my collection. Simplicity and ease of use is the beauty of this Badminton game. Cheers to the crafters’
     - Prabhas Kumar Mishra

    ‘Excellent application with easy controls. Recommended for all gaming buffs’
     - Shobhit

    Get Started Now

    Even if you follow Cricket, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball, this game will get you hooked from the first match.

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