PNB MetLife encourages employees to #RunForHappiness on this Global Running Day

PNB MetLife encourages employees to #RunForHappiness on this Global Running Day

On the occasion of Global Running Day on June 1, PNB MetLife organized a special employee engagement activity across the organization under its #RunForHappiness platform, inspiring employees to run for health and happiness.

PNB MetLife set up treadmills across its offices where employees were motivated to run on the treadmill and get their photographs clicked. The intent of social shares of this activity was to help promote this cause through its employee network, reaching out to a large number of audiences outside the organization creating a multiplier effect. Photographs garnering maximum impressions on social media will be rewarded.

As a corporate, PNB MetLife has always promoted physical and fiscal fitness and has also recently announced the next edition of Guinness World Records holder PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon. They have also been promoting health and happiness under ‘#PlayForHappiness’ with their Badminton associations. Extending the platform to ‘#RunForHappiness’, the company has been promoting Walkathons and Marathons as well.

Sedentary lifestyles, sitting for long periods of time and lack of physical activities have paved way for a lot of health disorders. The World health Organization (WHO) has identified India as a nation that will have most of the lifestyle-related disorders in the near future. It also suggests that regular moderate intensity physical activity – such as walking, cycling, or participating in sports – has significant benefits for health. Running as a form of exercise has garnered huge popularity in India with the growing admiration of marathons and running related events across the nation. According to, from 2009 to 2014 popularity of marathon running in India has risen over 150%.

PNB MetLife aims at promoting running and walking as an easy, healthy, and accessible form of exercise through this employee engagement activity on Global Running Day.

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PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife) is a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings Inc. (MIHI), Punjab National Bank Limited (PNB), Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited and other private investors, with MIHI and PNB being the majority shareholders. PNB MetLife was previously known as MetLife India Insurance Company Limited and has been present in India since 2001.