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.We believe that practice gives birth to champions. And what better way to shine than starting at a grass-root level? At PNB MetLife, it is our endeavour to transform the junior badminton players of our country into champions.

This action-packed tournament brings forth our ambition to promote India's second most popular sport among the 5-17 year old players. JBC-2 will give the young and aspiring talent to grow and develop into leading Badminton stars of tomorrow. This pioneering initiative has earned the full-fledged support of coveted authorities like the Badminton World Federation and the Badminton Association of India. It is being organized by SARA FOUNDATION (a renowned sports promoting organization in the country).

So, encourage playtime, teamwork, fun and togetherness in your child with JBC and let them play for happiness.

This season JBC-2 will be organized in the 4 (four) main zones (East, West, North & South) covering 8 cities of the country. All SEMI FINALISTS (TOP 4) from these 8 cities under four (4) zones of different age categories will qualify for the NATIONAL GRAND FINALE to take place in New Delhi. INR 2 Lac (Scholarship money) will be given to all Winners, Runners Up and semi finalists (All categories) each city wise. There will be NO REGISTRATION FEES for the GRAND FINALE.

Attractive awards and prizes to be given to all WINNERS, RUNNERS UP & SEMI FINALISTS of the GRAND FINALE of JBC-2. INR 10 lac (Scholarship money) will be given to GRAND FINALE Winners, Runners Up and semi finalists (All categories). There will be NO REGISTRATION FEES for the GRAND FINALE.

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  1. East Zone - Lucknow 
  2.          Coming Soon

  3. South Zone - Bangalore
  4.          Coming Soon

  5. South Zone -Hyderabad
  6.          Coming Soon

  7. East Zone - Guwahati
  8.          Coming Soon

  9. Grand Finale & Closing Ceremony - New Delhi
  10.           Coming Soon