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Wealth Plans

MetLife Mera Wealth Plan
  1. Create your own wealth plan 
  2. Enhance your investments
  3. Protect your loved ones
PNB MetLife Whole Life Wealth Plan
  1. Whole Life Cover
  2. Uninterrupted savings for your goals
  3. Personalised wealth plan
  4. Get rewarded with fund boosters
MetLife Smart Platinum
  1. Flexible premium payment options
  2. Auto rebalance investment portfolio
  3. Option to change sum assured*
MetLife Smart One

MetLife Smart One

UIN 117L068V02
  1. Stop Loss Option to protect from market downswings.
  2. Liquidity with Partial Withdrawls
  3. Tax Benefits*

ULIP Plans

Safeguard the future of your near and dear ones by making the right investments today.

What are wealth insurance plans?

Wealth insurance plans, also known as unit-linked insurance plans (ULIP) are linked to the capital market and offer flexibility in investing in equity or debt funds as per your risk appetite. These benefits and flexibilities make ULIPs an ideal solution for investments with insurance cover.  

Highlights of wealth insurance plans 

  • You can create your own wealth plan by choosing between various portfolio strategies like self-managed and systematic transfer strategy
  • They are investment-cum-insurance policies that give you the opportunity to invest, and at the same time save you from risks
  • They reward you with loyalty additions on staying invested
  • You can select whether you want the lump sum as a payout at maturity or opt for structured payouts through settlement option

Why should you opt for wealth insurance?

You should opt for wealth insurance as they provide you returns on your hard-earned savings along with protection.

Why PNB MetLife’s wealth insurance plans?

PNB MetLife has many units linked plans, one of which is the MetLife Mera Wealth Plan that enables you to create a financial blueprint for your goals at every stage of life. ULIPs help you in achieving your financial goals, and at the same time, offer you a life insurance cover for the financial security of your loved ones.

We know when it comes to your family's future you wouldn't leave anything to chance. You would not only like to ensure that they are financially secure but also plan enough to take care of their future goals, in your absence. That is why we at PNB MetLife, help you strike an apt balance of protection and wealth accumulation.

Our Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP) also assist you to invest in various funds and provide a comprehensive life cover for your family.

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