Monthly Income Insurance: 10 Year Premium Plan - PNB MetLife

Key Benefits of PNB MetLife Monthly Income Plan-10 Pay

  • 1

    Guaranteed monthly income for your family.

  • 2

    Financial Protection

  • 3

    Tax savings


Retirement is a major turning point in one’s life and it is always advisable to do some retirement planning ahead of time. Therefore, you should invest in a retirement plan well in advance that prepares you for all forthcoming responsibilities before time. PNB MetLife Monthly Income Plan – 10 pay, a participating plan which guarantees a monthly regular income for you and your family even when you are not there, for 15 years or till end of the policy term.

You can check how much you would require by the time you retire with the help of our Retirement Calculator.

PNB MetLife Monthly Income Plan-10 Pay ensures

  1. Receive monthly income for 15 years with a 10-year premium plan.
  2. Yearly bonus , if any, pay out enhances value of your plan.
  3. Tax-Free income and bonus , if any.
  4. Financial protection for you and your loved ones.

Product Benefits

Maturity Benefit

Upon completion of the policy term, you can choose to receive the bonuses accumulated as a lump sum or use it to increase your monthly income sum for the next 15 years.

Death Benefit

In the event of death, your family will have the flexibility of receiving a lump sum pay out or guaranteed monthly income.

Simple Reversionary Bonus

If any, payout will be added to your policy from the third year onwards until the end of the policy term. The bonus will be paid out upon death or at the end of the policy term.


Boundary Conditions

Premium Payment Term/Policy Term

10 years

Min/Max Age at entry*

18-55 years

18-55 years

65 years

Monthly Income Duration

180 Months(15 Years)

Min. Monthly Income


Max. Monthly Income

Rs. 100,000

*Age Last Birthday

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