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Key Benefits of MetLife Mera Term Plan

  • 1

    Cover your family’s future

  • 2

    Cover your partner, hassle-free

  • 3

    Flexibility to increase life cover

  • 4

    Coverage till the age of 75


When it comes to our family, we always want to be double sure. We want to give them the best of everything that life has to offer and strive hard to help them fulfil their dreams. Buying the perfect life insurance plan ensures that the family is taken care of even when we are not around. Term plans offer that security and ensure that our loved ones are secure, financially independent and have the same life style even in our absence.

MetLife Mera Term Plan is a simple and easy to buy solution that helps you do just that

  1. Safeguard your family’s financial independence even in your absence
  2. Joint life benefit to cover your spouse in the same policy
  3. Freedom for your children to pursue their dream career and goals without any financial worries

Product Benefits

MetLife Mera Term Plan is a customizable protection plan which gives you the flexibility to choose from four payout options and also offers coverage for your spouse in the same policy.

  • Full Lump Sum Payout
  • Payout as Lump Sum+ Regular Monthly Income
  • Payout as Lump Sum+ Increasing Monthly Income
  • Payout as Lump Sum+ Regular Monthly Income till child turns 21

Additional Features

With this plan, additional protection is available for :-

With the choice of Base Sum Assured and Policy Term you can also choose additional features. These will give you additional benefits in case of certain events during your lifetime.

Joint Life Benefit

This unique benefit ensures that life cover for your better half continues even if you are not there. All future premiums for your partner’s cover will be waived off. This option is available if your sum assured is more than 50 lacs. Coverage for partner is limited to 50% of your sum assured (max limit – 50 lacs). If your partner is a homemaker a 25 lac cover is provided.

Life Stage Protection

Your required life cover increases with increasing responsibilities. Life stage protection option gives you opportunity to buy an additional cover as per the then prevailing age and premium without any medical examination on the following circumstances.

  • On marriage: Equal to 50% of the original cover subject to maximum of Rs. 5,000,000.
  • On first child: Equal to 25% of the original cover subject to maximum of Rs. 2,500,000.
  • On second child: Equal to 25% of the original cover subject to maximum of Rs. 2,500,000.


Boundary Conditions

Minimum Age

18 years

Maximum Age

65 years

Maturity Age

75 years

Minimum Sum Assured


Coverage Period

10-40 years

Premium Payment Term

Coverage Period

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Radha Rani

"We had paid one year premium only and there was an unfortunate event in my family, I received the claim money without any hassle which enabled me to payoff my loans."

Kiran Ahluwalia

"My premium gets paid directly from the bank and I get a confirmation of it, making it a hassle free process."

Roohi Kaushal

"PNB MetLife Products are made keeping safety and utility in mind making it very helpful to my family."

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