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Group Life Insurance Policy

PNB MetLife Unit Linked Employee Benefit Plan
  1. Choice among five funds
  2. 4 free switches in a year
  3. Tax Benefits *
PNB MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan
  1. Interest on each contribution
  2. Motivate employees
  3. Retain talent
PNB MetLife Superannuation
  1. Group variable insurance plan
  2. Excellent means of attracting,retaining quality talent.
PNB MetLife Loan and Life Suraksha
  1. Joint life option
  2. Increases loyalty among customers
PNB MetLife Group Term Life Plus
  1. 100% of the sum assured on death
  2. Provides protection to the family of employee
  3. Tax benefit to the employer**
PNB MetLife Complete Care Plus
  1. Serves full coverage at reasonable rate
  2. Availability of Accelerated Benefit Option
  3. Choose from 4 riders
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