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Key Benefits of PNB MetLife Complete Care Plus

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    Serves full coverage at reasonable rate

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    Availability of Accelerated Benefit Option

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    Choose from 4 riders

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PNB MetLife offers ‘Complete Care Plus', is a group term life insurance policy provided by life insurance companies. It is a convenient product that provides cover against death and protects the family.

PNB MetLife Complete Care Plus is an employee insurance policy customized as per your requirement to provide financial security to your employees and their families. It is a yearly group term life insurance that pays a Sum Assured to the dependents of your employees in the event of an unfortunate eventuality.

It can also be offered in lieu of mandatory EDLI (Employee Deposit Link Insurance) for employees who are covered under Employee's Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision's Act, 1976.

PNB MetLife Complete Care Plus ensures

  1. Protection for family of the employee
  2. Reasonable than an individual life cover
  3. Hassle-free implementation because of availability of free cover limit
  4. Strong retention tool for employers
  5. Flexible payment modes
  6. Option to convert to individual coverage when an employee leaves the organization
  7. Additional cover for self and family on participatory basis
  8. Tax Benefits as applicable

Product Benefits

Accelerated Benefit Option (ABO)

Where any Employee is diagnosed as “Terminally ill”, 100% of the Sum Assured would be paid out immediately and the inclusion of such Member at the next Annual Renewal Date will be decided based on Board approved underwriting policy.
Terminal Illness is defined as “advanced or rapidly progressing incurable illness in the opinion of an attending consultant and our Chief Medical Officer; the life expectancy is no greater than 6 months (AIDS is specifically excluded and not covered under this definition).

Maturity Benefit

There is no Maturity benefit under this product.

Death Maturity

On death (or upon terminal illness; applicable in case of Employer – Employee group only) during the policy term, the Company shall pay 100% of the Sum Assured.

Surrender Benefit

Being a pure protection product, there are no surrender benefits under this product.


Boundary Conditions

Minimum ages at entry

18 years age last birthday

Maximum ages at entry

80 years age last birthday

Maximum Expiry Age

81 Years age last birthday

Minimum Face Amount (Per member)

Rs. 5,000

Maximum Face Amount (Per member)

Rs.100 crore per life

Minimum Premium

Rs. 2915 per life

Maximum Premium

Rs.7,97,56,000 per life Rs.1,000 Crore per Scheme

Minimum Group size/ Scheme size

10 members.

Maximum Group size/ Scheme size


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