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Family Life Stage Plans

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Income Plan
  1. Guaranteed* returns
  2. Discount  on higher sum assured
  3. Survival and maturity benefits
  4. Tax benefits**
PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan
  1. Cover your family’s future
  2. Cover your partner, hassle-free
  3. Flexibility to increase life cover
PNB MetLife Mera Heart and Cancer Care
  1. Inbuilt life cover
  2. Zero survival period
  3. Pay outs at different stages of illness
  4. Return of Premium (net of claims paid)
MetLife Mera Wealth Plan
  1. Create your own wealth plan 
  2. Enhance your investments
  3. Protect your loved ones
PNB MetLife Whole Life Wealth Plan
  1. Whole Life Cover
  2. Uninterrupted savings for your goals
  3. Personalised wealth plan
  4. Get rewarded with fund boosters
PNB MetLife Endowment Savings Plan Plus
  1. Protect your family’s future
  2. Additional bonuses from 1st policy year
  3. Waiver of premium against 35 critical illnesses
  4. Life Cover for entire policy term
PNB MetLife Income Protection Plan
  1. Guaranteed Payout
  2. Protection for your family
  3. Easy Enrolment
  4. Flexibility
  5. Tax benefits