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PNB MetLife Learning and Development

Learning and Development at PNB MetLife India Insurance Company

PNB MetLife Talent and Learning Enhancement (MetTLE), the learning ecosystem at PNB MetLife India, provides a platform for a holistic learning journey for all employees.

Learning Philosophy
PNB MetLife India places great emphasis on creating an environment conducive to building a learning organisation that excels at thought leadership to achieve its ultimate goal of being a formidable player in the life insurance industry.

Learning Architecture
The learning architecture at PNB MetLife supports the enhancement of Soft Skills, Domain Knowledge and Functional Skills in employees at all levels. To implement this, a veritable trove of learning interventions has been envisioned.

Intervention Based Support System

  1. Leadership Development
    Three Leadership Orbits have been identified through an evaluative talent classification system to arrive at three sets of leadership development interventions that sharpen leadership competencies in high potential talent.
  2. Management Development
    The Management Development framework contains a set of interventions (across functions) that aim at developing managerial skills at beginner and supervisor levels. A catalogue of programmes, workshops and personal development plan based initiatives are used to enable employees at all levels to achieve desired levels of proficiency in their focus competency areas.
  3. Critical Skills Inventory
    The learning framework supports the enrichment of a set of critical skills identified for each job family. Beyond this, a people-friendly policy framework for LOMA, Actuarial development, executive education and insurance domain-specific learning interventions are envisaged and executed for professional development of employees in their chosen domains.
    Team MetTLE feels proud to provide meaningful learning experiences to every employee who walks the hallways of PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited.