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Why Should You Invest in ULIPs

PNB MetLife 18-01-2017 02:34:32 PM
ULIP Investment Plan to manage your wealth

When it comes to personal wealth management one must think seriously about investment so to secure the future. The sooner you sign up for an investment plan, the more you save and secure the future. ULIPs is a great way of investment for many reasons such as;

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  1. Risk involved: When you invest in ULIP plans it gives you an option to decide your risk appetite. If you are keen on taking a low risk, you can invest in debt funds that involve low risk. Balanced funds that range between debt funds and equity funds are for you if you would like to take moderate risks. Equity funds are a great option for those who are high risk players. Also, when the market performs well equity funds provide good returns.
  2. Transparency: These are transparent investments. You will exactly know the charges involved and how is your current account performing. 
  3. Flexible: They allow you to switch between funds depending on the market situation; from equity to debt funds. 
  4. Longer term investment: ULIPs offer you a longer lock – in period up to 5 years giving you enough time to plan for your long term goals such as a car, a house etc.
  5. Tax benefits: ULIPs offer you tax benefits; hence you save up on tax which is not offered by many investment plans.
ULIPS offer you so many benefits over other investment plans. Therefore, investing in a unit linked insurance policy is beneficial for short term as well as long term investment.