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Create wealth easily with ULIP

PNB MetLife 06-11-2016 12:46:33 PM
Create wealth easily with ULIP

ULIPs are known to be great investment options when compared to other investment plans and are known to build wealth in the long term.

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Following are the reasons why you should choose ULIP to create wealth with:

  1. Lack of ambiguity: One knows the exact charges involved in ULIP plans and the status of their account, thus making it quite a transparent investment.

  2. Risk limit: The buyer can set a risk limit according to his risk appetite, thus choosing between debt funds, balanced funds and equity funds based on the risk level determined.

  3. Long term investment: The 5 year lock-in period goes a long way to fulfil long term goals by providing better returns than one would get by saving the amount without investing.

  4. Flexibility: Known for being transparent, a unit linked insurance policy is flexible too, which gives you the flexibility of choosing from equity and debt funds

  5. Life cover:ULIP plans serve as a protection as well as an investment vehicle. Though the life cover may not be as high as a term plan, but one can be assured of the higher of Sum Assured or Fund Value, in case something happens to you.

  6.  Tax Benefit: Since ULIP plans are categorized under life insurance products, it also comes with the benefit of paying taxes. Unlike other investment options, one can grow money as well as save on taxes.