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Secure Your Future by Saving Today

PNB MetLife 11-11-2016 12:29:57 PM
Secure Your Future by Saving Today

Do you find yourself constantly spending your money on things you might not need? No matter how expensive they are? Are you unable to save money without prompting from your parents or spouse? You might need an insurance policy that forces you to save when you’re young so that your future will be comfortable and happy.

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United Linked Insurance Plans offer a selection of high, medium and low-risk investment options. This means that you can select an appropriate policy based on your propensity for taking risks. Additionally, you can easily switch between fund options without any additional expense. Another option to help you save money is an endowment plan. Selecting an appropriate ULIP or endowment plan will help you secure your future. The primary benefit of both these plans is that they ensure a steady income flow in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance.

Other benefits include:
Liquidity: To cope with sudden emergency situations, ULIPs allow you the benefit of partial withdrawal. This means that 5 years after your plan is set up, you can withdraw funds as long as you retain the required minimum amount.

Limited risk exposure:ULIPs are ideal for those investors who are interested in availing the benefits of market-linked growth without facing the risks of participating in the stock market.

Saving for the future: An endowment policy, in particular, ensures that the policy-holder saves regularly over a specific period of time so that they will receive a lump sum amount on the policy maturity in case they survive the policy term. The maturity amount is of course extremely beneficial and can be used for huge life events such as retirement or a child’s education. Both ULIPs and endowment policies ensure that the policy-holder develops a regular saving habit.

Build a fruitful future for you and your family today. Both plans have long-term benefits without incurring high risk. Save today and reap the benefits later.