Tis the season to be wedded But what do those vows mean

`Tis the season to be wedded: But what do those vows mean?

PNB MetLife 28-12-2017 07:05:08 PM
Tis the season to be wedded: But what do those vows mean

Welcome to the season of the Great Indian Wedding - a time when people come together to celebrate love and that wonderful moment when two souls are joined in holy matrimony.

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And while the revelry and festivities may consist of the major part of Indian weddings, the most important aspect, by far, are the vows the bride and groom make to each other.

But, though many may be quick to repeat the words, do we really know what the priest is reciting? What do the words mean? What are the promises being made? Here’s a quick list that makes this sacred ritual crystal-clear.

First Vow: Promising each other prosperity by fulfilling your roles
Traditionally, the groom promises to cherish and provide welfare for his wife and children, and the bride promises to take on the responsibility of the home, household, food and finance. But gender stereotypes are so yesterday, right? Basically, the first vow is all about getting your life in order and being mature for yourself as well as for the person you’re marrying.

Second Vow: Committing to protecting your house and children together
This vow speaks of protecting and caring for your S.O. and family, taking on new responsibilities, and committing to a life together. Be it getting a property together or starting a family or both, it’s no longer a plan-for-one. Your happiness now lies in the safety and well-being of your loved ones. From a home, to a career to even a life insurance plan, you’ve got to have their back!

Third Vow: Pledging to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life together as a family
This is all about growing old together. A promise to prosper, rejoice and care together, right till the very end. #Relationship Goals, anyone?

Fourth Vow: Acknowledging and cherishing your partner’s role in your happiness

The key to the perfect love story is never breaking the vow. Acknowledging, cherishing and protecting your partner and their happiness has always, unfailingly made for a delightful marriage. Happy you, happy me!

Fifth Vow: Vowing to be BFFs
This has got to be the sweetest vow of the lot! The couple promises to be each other’s best friend and to share in all the ups and downs of life.

Sixth Vow: Promising each other a happily-ever-after
After the six steps taken, the groom asks his wife-to-be to continue filling his heart with such happiness. To this, she readily agrees. It’s all about consent, people!

Seventh Vow: All for one and all for love
The seventh and final vow is a coming together of both souls, promising to be one and to be each other’s through eternity. The ultimate testimony to their love and commitment towards each other. The final step they take, before stepping into a whole new life together.

All these vows make one thing super clear. It’s no longer only about what makes you happy, but also about the happiness and future of your partner and your family. After all, you’ve made the promises. And they aren’t meant to be broken.