Plan your Future Well with Insurance

Plan your future well with Insurance

PNB MetLife 04-12-2017 10:10:48 AM

Plan Your Life With Insurance At Every Stage For A Smooth Journey.

Life is a long and exciting journey. A rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs on the way. As you pass through life, you will need to think about how to secure your future in a fool-proof manner. As life progresses, your priorities tend to change with every passing stage. It is wise to have yourself protected at the various life stages with relevant life insurance plans. Understanding the life-stage you are at makes it easier for you to choose a policy that specifically fits your needs at a particular time


‘The early bird catches the worm’

This is a time when you have just completed your education and you acquire your first job. You generally don’t hold too many responsibilities, giving you the freedom to start investing for your future. If you invest in a life insurance plan early in life, you could enjoy lower premiums. Investing in a wealth plan at an early stage can help create a financial harness that will last your entire lifetime.

Singlehood-the early bird catches the worm


‘When two become one’
This is the time that you finally meet that someone special and you decided to settle down. This stage makes you a more responsible individual for not only yourself but for your beau too. Now is the time to take your investments a notch up and look to your future as a couple. If you have not invested in a term plan already, get one or you could add a spousal cover to your already existing term plan through the life-stage benefit option. An endowment plan or a retirement plan would surely fit in perfectly for the two of you long after your nest is empty and you have all the time and wealth to indulge in the things most dear to you.

When two become one


‘Taking baby steps to the future’

Having a child can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life. You and your spouse have literally created another living being. With all the moments to come, life surely will be enriched with a child to carry your name with pride to the next generation. With that thought, insuring your child’s future takes precedence. Investing in a guaranteed income plan will take care of their education goals. With a built-in death cover, it also takes care of your child’s dream in your absence.

Taking baby steps to the future


‘A time to rest’

Growing old together with your loved ones is one of life’s perks. You get to see your kids happy and independent, you may even have the chance to pamper your grandchildren but most of all you are finally at a stage where you have the time and the money to really experience life for what it is. At this point, your retirement or endowment payouts allow for you and your spouse to relish life to the fullest, independently while your family is covered with your term plan up till the time you turn 99.

A time to rest