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A NEAT method to live a longer and healthy life

GOQii 16-02-2016 04:05:09 PM
A NEAT method to live a longer and healthy life

I think out of all New Year Resolutions, exercising regularly is the resolution which is the most difficult to keep. We bet every 7 out of 10 people in a room would be able to relate to it. In our day to day life, we are issued by several warnings like “Smoking is injurious to health & “Don’t drink and drive, but we all are collectively overlooking another silent killer which goes by the name sitting. Yes, sitting in one place for a long time can harm your body in ways more than you can comprehend. Very soon we can see health industry sending out warnings Read More

Now if you are looking for a solution to this problem you have already won half the battle, because the first step towards solving a problem is to understand that there is a problem.

So for everyone out there who live a sedentary life chasing deadlines and making presentation, we give you NEAT. NEAT - also known as ‘Non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ is a workout routine that exerts even the smallest muscle in your body. Simple but occasional body movements can help in burning calories and stay healthy.

All the little movements along with half hour of traditional exercises can matter to your health more than those trips to the gym.

Now, let us look how you can add NEAT in to your daily activities and reap maximum benefits.

Never lose momentum

People who work behind the desk or who lover surrendering to the bed as soon as they get home need to bring more momentum in their life. Studies prove that people who stand for roughly three hours a day happen to live around three years longer than people who live a sedentary life. Sitting for an extended period of time has been linked with chronic heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, & obesity. So, get up and stretch every now and then, take regular washroom breaks, go refill your bottle of water by yourselves. While watching TV, make sure you get and move during commercial breaks. Such simple yet effective measures will help you live a healthy life in the long run.

Get a Pedometer

People always say “Seeing is believing”. So motivate yourself even more by seeing the number of steps you walked by buying yourself an inexpensive pedometer. Wear it all the time to keep a regular track of the steps taken both at work and at home.

Stairway or the highway

Looking for a simple yet effective exercise that helps in burn calories? Look no more and just start climbing those stairs you have been avoiding. If climbing stairs feels like an impossible task, simply take the elevators upstairs & come down via stairs on your way out.

Exercise while waiting in line

Waiting in line is an unavoidable part of our daily lives. But with little dedication and motivation you can convert this tiresome and boring process into a NEAT opportunity for weight loss. Simply stand on one leg or step side to side while you are waiting for your lift, bus or train.