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How to control the urge to binge after workout

GOQii 17-02-2016 12:38:22 PM
How to control the urge to binge after workout

Have you ever felt mortified because you ended up overeating just after working out and burning a lot of calories? It is because we convince ourselves that we have the freedom to indulge in our favourite food as we have burnt lot of calories sometime back.

Just to avoid this discomforting situation in the future, we have come up simple and effective methods to keep that monstrous hunger at bay after workout. Read More

  • Workout just before your meal time
    Doesn’t this sound as a smart and an effective technique? Let’s just consider that you are always hungry after your workout. By adopting this strategy you can replenish the calories you have exhausted without having to go through the guilt of extra snacks. This technique is efficient regardless if you are a morning, noon, or nigh time workout person. 
  • Don’t look at working-out as a chore
    Changing the way you perceive working out helps in strengthening your resolve about eating less after your workout. Think about working out as a fun activity instead of a tedious chore. A research led volunteers on a 1.4 – mile walk, telling one half of the volunteers that it was for exercise and the other half that it was a scenic stroll. The volunteers belonging to the “exercise “group ate 35% more chocolate pudding for dessert than the other group.
  • Have food with high carbs & protein
    Always choose a snack that is rich in carbohydrates & proteins. Whenever you feel like recovering from an intense workout session, afford yourself a snack with 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. This will aid you in refilling your energy levels and help in repairing damage caused to muscles from the workout. If you work out for less than an hour, limit your calorie intake to a total of 150 to 200.
  • Milk is the answer
    Indulging in low-fat dairy is another perfect recovery food stuffed with proteins that can help you curb your hunger till your next meal. Studies have proved that refuelling your energy with low-fat chocolate milk is better than conventional sports drinks in case of athletes.
  • Break the habit
    In most of the cases, overeating after exercise is a result of routine than anything else. If you are habituated to consuming a 400 – calorie smoothie after your gym time, you automatically cultivate the habit of consuming the same amount of calories irrespective of the time and intensity of your workout. It is highly essential to choose different snack keeping in mind different workout routine. Logically, shorter the duration of your workout, fewer is the amount of calories you need to replenish.
  • Stop relying on your tracker
    There are loads of fitness trackers that have flooded the market lately promising to be your fitness partner. However, a 2014 Iowa State University study found that all devices are not entirely accurate when it comes to estimating calorie burn during workouts. Ideally, for all those who work out you should make sure you develop the right habit of eating in response to hunger and resisting in response to comfortable fullness. This is achieved not by calculations but by understanding and listening to your body.